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Cycling and Insomina

It reduces all of them. Anastrozole has a very high affinity for aromatase. As long as it is present in sufficient quantities, the enzyme can’t function.

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OK got the E2 sensitive back wow big difference between E total and the sensitive for just E2. @swoops39 you were right. I would say good guess but I think it was a bit more than just a guess. Thanks.

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You do.

Look at those boulder shoulders.

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@ejones1 thanks man, It really is great to have a group of friends all over this planet with the same hobby.

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Yes it is. I’d feel pretty :poop: with e2 that low

Do you think that would affect my cortisol or insomnia? I have always felt better when my E2 was in the 20-24 range with 35 being top of the LabCorp scale. I don’t think it has been this low before and I have never crashed it that I am aware of and I do 3-5 big blood test a year with a few mini’s just to keep track of a blast and recovery. That said I have no low E2 symptoms like dry/popping joints. My libido and erections are good now that my TRT dose is back to something more reasonable.

Really not sure. When I’ve lowered my e2 too much all I want to do is sleep, so maybe that’s not what’s causing it. But, I’d still think that maybe it could be throwing neurotransmitters off and not allowing you to calm down and sleep, and maybe that’s raising cortisol?

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After seeing my TT/FT I panicked and upped my TRT dose to 150mg/w and I took no Ai. But that took my libido too high and my wife could not keep up so I had dropped my dose to 125mg/w and still no AI. My plan is to hold at 125 until my T cyp reaches steady state and do a mini blood test. I will decide then if an AI is needed. It is nice having anastrozole cut to 0.125mg one can creep up on a high E2.

My 6 month TRT and annual PCP physical are due in a matter of weeks. I plan to get to the bottom of the cortisol and insomnia and in case they fail me I have ordered a few Ketoconazole (Nizoral Generic) 200mg to see if reducing my cortisol has any affect on my sleep.

Oh yeah, very easy to carefully lower e2 until you find the sweet spot.

Sounds like you’ve got a good plan in place, hope it works