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Cycling and Hamstrings

Here’s a question for you guys -

Good hamstring flexibility is required for DLs, squats, sprinting, sport and general musculoskeletal health. In short tight hamstrings are bad.

I want to start cycling (basically because it is exercise, it’ll get me to work and allow me to avoid sitting in traffic and also save me money on gas!)

However i’m concerned that it will tighten up my hamstrings - repetitive muscular action through a shortened range of motion eventually leads to a shortened muscle belly.

So what have your experiences been (especially the coaches, as you will have seen many more cases.)

Should i pedal my way around, or sit on my ass in traffic?!

Thanks guys.

Man… just buy a horse!

You’re really overthinking the issue. If youre that concerned about it, stretch after your rides. Do you sit at a desk? If so, doing so is likely a bigger culprit of hamstring flexibility issues than any form of exercise.

I’ve been riding for 17 years and can do full squats without any problems.

[quote]Deinabolic wrote:

I’ve been riding for 17 years and can do full squats without any problems.[/quote]

That’s what I wanted to hear.

How cool would that be?! But i’d have to get the boots and spurs and a big cowboy hat, and then i’d start talking in a gruff voice, and i think that may not go down too well with my patients!

Cycling will tighten up your quads, hip flexors, and ITB much faster than it will tighten up your hamstrings.

Make sure you include hills in your rides and do some the climbing standing.