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Cycling and Cholesterol & Liver Damage


Sorry for the buzz kill… I know not a fun topic… Like discussing your child support payments with ex-wife right… Anyhow recently did some routine labs my doc said my blood pressure good but cholesterol a tad high and blood thick…I know I have thick blood I try and dump it every 2-3 months at gym blood drives… Anyhow the doc asked me if I ever do anything besides my TRT dose I said no. He then lectured me about well incase you better be careful of cholesterol and liver damage… Now I know these things exist but in reality for the regular Joe that does 2 cycles a year not constant cycling like a pro… How damaging can 2 really be? All in all its only 16-24 weeks of the entire year. I guess Im defensive because its a thing Ive been doing last 5-6 years of my life but… If you eat clean & do moderate cycles with all the stuff for sides are you really going to pop your heart, or crash a liver??


For Liver: Choline/inositol, l-methionine
For blood lipids: Fish oil, coQ10, less booze, less trans fatty acids and sugar


Why don’t you do liver labs and see for yourself?


They did its fine… Its just dude gave me a big lecture about Test use… Seems like Docs do that every time they find your on TRT but in general I havent really heard of any people in my general circle having problems from average use…As soon as you mention test to a non TRT doc they get real weird… However on the other side of the coin the TRT docs wanna push product so…


If your liver is fine, especially given your record of use. WHY YOU TRIPPIN’?! haha

On a side note, I see dudes that have been using enhancements regularly have garbage lipids and elevated liver enzymes. So, it is possible.


I wasnt really trippin just wonderd if any guys had same expierence… UFN I will operate under the premiss that sensible use 2x a yr using the right stuff for sides is fine… I really dont know anyone over 50 that admits to trt or cycles so I cant base it on much but fear mongering


SHBG is a good one too to watch since its synthesized in the liver. Can go up from liver damage.


Are you running orals on your cycles? If so,make sure you take NAC and Milk thistle daily. This should help cholesterol too.

My RBC is high but I donate regularly. My cholesterol is higher than normal but dont forget that cholesterol is the MOTHER STEROID and is the backbone for all others. If you are still worried, try red rice yeast. It has natural statins in it.


Yes on milk thistle no on the other but I run a vitamin B complex also inject b12

Also on cycle I pretty much stay off red meat but 2x week tops

Mostly lean meats vegies & trenbologna sandwiches