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Cycling Advise (EQ)


Hey guys, I am new to posting here so go easy.

I am planning a fairly big cycle in 4 months.
1-4 anadrol, 350mg/week
1-12 test enth, 500mg/week
1-12 tren ace, 100mg EOD
+ EQ

From what I found, EQ takes a looong time to peak in the blood. I am considering running 600mg/week for 4 weeks prior to cycle and right through to week 12.

I was hoping to get some feedback on my cycle. Cheers guys


EQ sucks… run more test.

be sure to run AI, id recommend letro

id run the anadrol for longer too… not nearly as toxic as people make it out to be, but potent mass builder and strength builder


Training history, stats, previous cycles?