Cycling Across America?

Preserving Muscle??

Is this possible in the upper and lower body? If so how as most people lose about 2 stone when cycling the US.
don’t want to lose the muscle i have gained as a result of doing it.

[quote]j_bakkerdyos wrote:
hey, that;s a good question and i was wondering a similar sort of thing. i was planning on cycling the tour de france route this summer and have plans for an across nepal, tibet and china for next summer. i suppose it depends on logistics, are you planning on camping and just buying some food everyday?

if so i’d imagine just eat as much as possible and take on enough protein. because your on a bike i’d imagine u can’t take tubs of protein etc. but maybe a couple of BCAA containers would help maintain some muscle mass?[/quote]

I think we will camp most nights. Perhaps one or two days a week staying at a Motel or something.
In terms of maintaining or gaining muscle, i am stumped.

long distance cycling is so catabolic i dont know if theres much you can do besides eat a lot.