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Cyclical Ketogenic Diets A La BodyOpus

Hey i was just wondering if anyone had any tips or expiriences with cyclical ketogenic diets such as BodyOpus for dropping Bodyfat…I am at about 9% right now and am using one to get to about 6. I just finished my first weekend carb up, and i think it went well, but how do you know what is water weight and what is fat? Any tips on the carb up and when to stop it would be very helpful. Duchaine suggests eating every two hours, even during normal sleeping hours. Any ideas folks?

Try the book “The Ketogenic Diet” by Lyle McDonald, it picks up where Bodyopus left off. It has alternaltive suggestions for carbing up. There are easier alternatives to waking every two hours, and it will answer almost every other question that you will come up with regarding keto diets. McDonald also has other articles elsewhere on the web regarding the same subject.