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Cycles While on TRT?


Been on TRT for half a year or so now based on doctors advice, Endo told me stop and try clomid and HCG if i want to have kids someday so im gonna try it. I know that it should work if my HPTA is the problem and not my testes. However if my testes are the problem and I do have to be on TRT for life I dont see why i wouldnt just blast and cruise.. do a 10 week cycle a couple times a year (double the TRT dose and add something like masteron , deca , tren , whatever and then just go back to TRT dose.... Is this a dangerous plan if i do end up trying it? anyone have experience? Aslo, ive read that HCG can shutdown LH production. HCG was recomended to get off TRT, but it seems it would cause even more damage if that is the case..

Anyone have answers? suggestions?