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Cycles Strategy

Hi guys !

I’m 31, 5’10’’ and 185lbs (bodyfat approx. 10%) with 5 years of training.
My long term goal is to be 220-240lbs with the same bodyfat level.

I will soon go to the Enhanced Side, and I was wondering if/how you plan your cycles for several years in advance.

For example, do you decide to do first a D-bol/Test cycle, then a Test/Deca, then …
to know how you react to the different drugs ?

In fact I’d like to know what’s your strategy ?

Thanks in advance,

well, i think you kinda answered your own question and made a good point. tha’s why pretty much everyone here suggest that first-timers use a test only cycle…

Thanks cycobushmaster, I’ll keep that in mind !