Cycles of Dianabol and Test

I am 53 years old. Good physical shape yet I’m very hard Gainer. I am 5 foot 11 and weigh a hundred and sixty five pounds. Don a cycle of test and Dianabol when I was younger and want to do another one now. Any info on how much and how long would be thankful

Get yourself a good anti E. Dbol is notorious for gyno

If you can get it (or make it), injectable dbol is far superior to oral IME. Also no liver toxicity issues to worry about.

25mg per day is all I can handle of oral (I get an intense whole-body pump that makes things like walking, breathing, brushing my teeth and even texting, a challenge) but 50mg of injectable is just lovely…hugely anabolic and comparatively dry.

Test? 500mg/week should be ample.