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Cycles and Supplements

whats up guys? i was gonna be starting a test enanthate, eq,and proviron cycle and was wondering if there might be certain supplements i could take that would really benefit by the juice, or vice versa. i was already plannin on using whey, egg and casein protein, creatine, fish oil and a multi vitamin. if there any suggestions or experience on other supplements and dosages that would be helpful.

also if any suggestions for stuff to use when cycling something else that would be great. i was hoping that this might help some other newbies besides myself too. thanks

IMO/IME the supplements you mentioned should be used no matter WHAT you are doing - life natty, on cycle, off cycle, thinking about a cycle, whatever…

except i do cycle my creatine for my off periods.


i really only tend to use protien when im working out. i like the idead of the creatine off cycle. just wondering if there happens to be anything worth mentioning that would be good to take when cycling

My supplementation is the same during cycle as it is off cycle. And it looks very close to what you have already mentioned. Throw in some injectable B-12 and Vitamin C with the occasional Spike and Surge during my workout.

Wow. Injectable B-12. Hows that going-does it help??

[quote]winkroar3 wrote:
Wow. Injectable B-12. Hows that going-does it help??[/quote]

I have been using it several hours before heavy bench, squat and deadlift days. I feel energetic and have been maintaining strength while off cycle. I get it dirt cheap so I will continue its use for a while.