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Cycles, 2 Goals and BodyTypes?

Hello all. I?ve been lifting seriously since this January and been reading the beginner?s forum here for a month or so. Prior to that I did mostly bicycling, and the lifting I did was without a plan. When I started here I had a partner who was a personal trainer back in the States, so I had pretty good advice. Unfortunately, he?s moved on and my new partner is brand new to weight training. My questions are about steroids, which I know nothing about.

In the country I work, steroids are non-prescription and perfectly legal to buy OTC. I?m not currently using any, but my training partner is. He just started lifting a month ago. He took the advice of a guy I don?t know on doses and cycles, but I thought I?d check with you guys here. Here?s what we can buy:
Sustanon ?250? :Androgenicum prolongatum
Deca-Durabolin: Nandroloni decanoas

They also have ?Essential Forte? which is supposed to protect the liver while taking the injections, and an estrogen blocker. I don?t have the box for the blocker but I think it?s called ?Nolvadex.?

His goal is simply to get big. In his own words, he doesn?t care about strength he just wants to look impressive. He?s 39, 5? 11? and 195 pounds. In his 20s he was ran over my a motorboat, messing up his right arm. I works now, but his bicep was split in two to form a new tricep muscle and his shoulder is missing some of the muscle tissue and the joint used to ache but has improved since he started lifting. Compared to the weight he can do with his legs and back, his chest and arms are pretty weak but improving quickly. He can barely bench 135, while he can dead lift 220. I?m wondering if the sudden increase in muscle mass will outpace the joint recovery, leaving him injured, but he isn?t concerned and I?m not his daddy. He has one more month before he returns to the States and no longer has access to the injections, but he?s been taking ?a light cycle? for about a month already.

I don?t mind getting bigger, but strength is the main goal. I?m currently a security contractor for the US military, and when I return to the States I intend to go start boxing lessons, so I?m more concerned with backing it up than showing it off. I also want to reduce my body fat. I?m 27, 5? 11?, and 215 pounds. I have a 44 ?? chest as measured across the nipples and can bench my body weight three times, but I also have a 40 ?? waist as measured across the belly button. Calipers suggest I have a body fat percentage between 24-25%. I have three months before I return to the States. Currently, my routine is the 8 week power lifting routine from the August issue of Muscle and Fitness. Prior to that I was doing ?Fiber Blaster? routines and cardio, which my first partner wrote out for me, but the original source was ?Fitness Rx.?

So, given our different goals and statistics, what kind of cycles would you recommend?