Cycled Mast & Primo, Horrible Erections

I’ve never had a problem with libido or getting wood. I did a cycle for 10 weeks of 200mg mast 100mg primo and I’ve been off 2 weeks and my dick feels raw. There’s no sensitivity down there and having erecting issues.

I’m on trt and hcg. 150mg and 500hcg a week. I’ve taken cialis and to no avail. Libido is okay but man it’s raw.

I have the forms for a blood test but assuming my e2 is in range as I don’t have symptoms of low or high e2 besides this, how long does it take the body to get back to baseline?

I’m assuming I overloaded on dht and it will take awhile to return to normal? I’ve done 3 cycles in the past and never had this issue. Any ideas?


Did you run Test with it? No offense but that’s a really bad cycle. Neither are very effective in those doses, both are DHTs, and both will lower the effect of your E2. IMO just keep up with your TRT and DO NOT try throwing other drugs at it to fix it. I would guess you should start seeing improvements in another two weeks.


Yeah I did it with test. No offense taken. I took bad advice from someone. I didn’t think it would make much difference due to being a low dose. I took it with my normal trt dose.

Do you feel that the body recovers? Being that it wasn’t that big of a dose?

A well planned, well thought out cycle almost always includes a strong dose of Testosterone as the base. Meaning, it most always should be the highest percentage of all the AAS you have in the mix. What @blshaw said is probably what happened with the DHT/E2

You will recover with time as those drugs clear your system/receptors, but keep taking the test and hcg. In the future, avoid messing with your TRT…that is, if you are truly on Dr. prescribed TRT and not self medicating. You should also obviously request your doctor to do a full workup of your blood, testing ALL the relevant items (TT, FT, E2, SHBG, etc. as well as the other usuals like PSA, HCT, hemoglobin, liver/kidney markers, cholesterol) so that you can see exactly what you’ve done to yourself with your cycle experiment. If you are not comfortable being forthcoming with him about what you’ve done and therefore why you would like testing, you can always tell him that YOU want to just see how everything is going in YOUR body so that you can be as healthy as possible. Doctors always love a proactive patient! That is the only way to truly know what’s going on inside your body, anything else is just guessing. Good luck.

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