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Cycled Exercise??

Exercises need to be switched about every 6 sessions due to adaptation. How long must one cycle off an exercise before returning to it with success? How much longer if the exercise was done till CNS burnout?

-Westside template for 3 months (changing the movements every 6 sessions)
-olympic template 2 months
Now can i return to the beginning of my WS template?


You would be fine going back to WS. Remember that simply changing your grip (normal to close-grip) or your stance (normal deadlift to sumo deadlift) is enough for CNS variation.

Even a Small change is enough grip width, reps sets etc. you dont have to throw everything out.

Just keep the body guessing a bit.

My bad for not specifying this question further. For example, if i’ve EXHAUSTED the Incline Bench (both bar and db variety) in different tempos, different grips, different rep schemes, all the way down to 1RMs before i switch movements up, WHEN is it ok to return to that exercise? One certainly can’t just bounce between different grips on the same exercise an expect results to last indefinately.

Sure you can. Did you play with the inclination?

apparently my point has become lost. i’m NOT looking for a substitute option, i want to know HOW long must one wait before returning to the EXACT same type of lift and get good results. for example, you’ve done exercise X for months very well,but now gains have stagnanted. HOW LONG till you should go back to doing X? what kind of wait?

thanks, I want to know the time amount between using X