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Hey lads.Training and gearing for about 4 years.Pro rugby player but just playing now after getting a job in the real world.Aint life a b£tch.

A big fan of prop. and d-bol.Ive always looked for packing on some pounds and strength but now just looking for power element.About to start 8-10 week cycle with Sus., Deca and d-bol.

Maybe its just getting old but not getting the same results as of old with prop. and dbol. Need advice gents…Thanks

Hopefully after 4 years of “gearing” you do understand the concept of diminishing returns. Up the dosage.


You say you just about to start and your not getting the same results all in the same post.
If you happen to be a week or two in and are not getting the same results its likely because you arent taking the same compounds.

Sus is only a small percentage of prop. The other esters will take longer before you feel them. Are you taking the sus eod or e3d at the very least?
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