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I also wanted to pick your brains about this very novice bulking cycle:

week 1-3: 30md/ed dbol
week 1-10: 250mg/wk deca
week 1-10: 500mg/wk sustanon 250 continuing the sustanon 250 at 250mg 3 weeks after the final deca dose.


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J_man i'm going to be running
the same type of cycle in may,
but instead of sus. i'm going
to use test ethan. This will also
be my first cycle.....GL


So far, no complaints. The sustanon stays in the muscle for a few days and the soreness from it takes some getting used to. If I had to do it over again, I would drop the d-bol for a month of Halodrol-50 and then start my injections after the 1st week of Halodrol cycle. That way as the Halodrol ends you'll be starting the 3rd week of the sus/deca and begin seeing the effects of the sus/deca combo. Dbol had more side effects than what gain I got from it at 30mg/day and I only imagine it to be worse if I upped the dosage.


My PCT consists of Novedex but as to how much I'm unsure of. I've seen posts from 20mg/day to 40mg/day and up. I originally bought Novadex XT (Gaspari) because of it's anti-aromatase advertisement, but you said that was not good. I imagine you'd say the same thing about EstroBlock?

I've read some of Prisoner #22 posts about tapering off the test and allowing HPTA to adjust itself accordingly. I have 10 weeks to read from you guys and learn and I'm reading all I can.

How come you don't like the sustanon 250? I've read great reviews of it and I have to admit, my workout shows that something is working. I've gone from maxing 330 on bench press on March 6 to maxing 375 last week. Something has to be good about it, right?


So you think halodrol-50 is pretty good? Honestly, what is your opinion, I have about 48 tabs of it...


because sustanon contains both prop and phenyl prop....which when combined, make up a little over 1/3 of the total test in one sust shot. this means that it technically should be injected EOD to see the full benefit of all those different length esters....and to keep stable blood levels. single estered tests are far superior.

it is hard to say because you have not mentioned how far along you are, but your gains are probably from the d-bol jumpstart. sust won't fully kick in until week 4/5...unless you frontloaded.

also, not to flame too much, but it is common practice to ask advice on your cycle and pct plans BEFORE you actually start it, or are midway through.


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Loved the Halodrol. No side effects noticed at all and had good strength/size gains.


I understand completely. I thought our PCT issue was solved with Nolvadex XT (error on our part) but we are only 3 weeks into a 10-13 week cycle, so we have time to grab some.

Next time, we are not using sustanon for the reasons you mentioned.


So how did you dose it? I am thinking of taking 2 tabs of it a day, one in the morning right after my first meal, and then another one 6 hours later...


bump sooo whatsup, anyone done this care to share how they dosed it?


The bottle says take 2-4 at night. I tried that for 2 days and had a noticeable drop in strength. I then started 1 at night and that seemed to help a little. But Tin Can said he tried one at night and one in the morning. I started that Tuesday night and tonight I got 320x7 on flat bench (which is a personal record) so I don't think that hampers strength as bad as the 4 per day. Hope that helps.