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What’s the minimum amount of deca one would need to take a week to see results? thanks

From what I read its about 400mg/week but you better include test. with the cycle if possible or you’ll get deca dick.

For mem - 300mg-400mg of decanoate per week
For women - 25-75mg of decanoate per week

–Brock Strasser

Brock, If at 41 years of age and a script of 100mg of test per week, If I added Deca at 300mg per week, how long could I stay on the added Deca? Should I still use Clomid? HCG? My pituitary stopped putting out LH. I still want to have some rug rats or tricycle motors as Chris called them.

Yeah, 300mg Deca per week would make a huge
difference and yes you need Clomid.

I would do 6-10 weeks of all three.

Why aren’t you on HCG if you don’t make LH?


My doc is a ding-dong. He is supposed to be an endocrinologist. I think he missed a couple of months of school or something. I am looking for a new doc now, who takes my insurance and is a little more liberal.

Brock, how much HCG do you recommend? cycle? for my condition?

And you meant all three for 6-10 weeks and then just test? then how often can I do this cycle?
Oh, and clomid duration?


I recommend 500 IU per day, but for long term therapy it would make sense to titrate the dose against blood T levels (assuming you are not injecting T, which would make the test meaningless.)

What this means is that if, say 500 IU were giving you levels higher than you desired, you’d try cutting back and testing again
a week later; or if lower than desired, you might increase the dose.

Note, your testicles may not “want” to continuously produce enough testosterone to keep your levels at the highest end of the normal range, so that may not be a reasonable long term goal, though you could try it. I would not go above 1000 IU/day in that effort though.

Hey bodz! how in the whole world do you make a doc give you deca or other roids? My doc wouldn’t even give me cortisor for some major injuries which I’m stuck with for life-feels like. So how do you do it? specialy if the insurance pays for it and all…damn…free roids and watched my a doc for any unwanted sides? I’m there! Please reply…Rambo

Rambo- Read the “your docter your dealer” article at t-mag.

Rambo, as suggested by Paul, read the article. I have a condition where I am not putting out enough T, plus I am 41. Cy is 19. He got his T down to 11 with drinking alcohol the night before (getting drunk), and fasting and drinking around 4 beers before the blood test. When you go to the doctor, tell him you are feeling run down, are losing muscle (tell him you work out), your bodyfat is going up (especially around the stomach), you are feeling a little depressed. Tell him it started a few months ago. Tell him you think you have low testosterone levels. He may balk at ordering tests, just tell him you read that you have the classic symptoms of low T. He may tell you, that you are too young for this to happen to, but be persistant. Tell him, that you would like to get a blood test just to make sure. If your blood tests come back low enough, you qualify for T replacement with insurance coverage. If you are within range, you’ll have to find a doc who is willing to get you higher, but then the insurance won’t pay. Good luck. Oh, and just so you understand, don’t go to the doc drunk, go there first. He’ll order the blood draw from a lab. You’ll have time to prepare a few days in advance for the test.