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What do u think would be a good quick cycle? Say 2 weeks. So u get good gains and no side effects. I was thinking of using m1t or 1-testosterone. I’ve done some research and they seem the safest and most basic. Ideas and opinions?

oh and it is orally. thanx


so if you have done your research why don’t you tell us what you think should do for a cycle and everyone can look at it and help you out with it.
for future refrence it would also be of great help to us if you were to include some info like: age, weight, years, training, goals for cycle, bf%, previous cycles if any… stuff like that.

2 years training… 10% fat 6’0 205 18yrs old. Want to put on 10lbs lean mass and cut a bit. Dont know what doses to use, those are just the products i feel would be safest. SUggestions?

Anavar 40-60mg per day, along with winstrol 100 mg/day

18 years old?

Your in your prime, you should be able to put on 10 pounds pretty easily by just eating and training correctly. Just eat, eat, eat.

what is anavar and winstrol? i just want something safe thatd cut fat and bulk about 10lbs in 2 weeks and no sides.

for real kid you can add 5lbs in 2 weeks and cut some fat off with out any drugs except maybe some caffine. You are young and should be bursting with natural test. So suck it up, read about training and nutrition here and go hit the weights like a man.

My man, your searching for something that is not out there. If it weren’t for your age, I would just say take the plunge and do a cycle but you need to just train naturally and not look for some miracle that will shred you in two weeks. It just doesn’t happen. Even with a cycle 10lbs in 2 weeks is a lot to expect. Not what you want to hear but just bust ass in the gym and eat clean. At 18, your natural hormone production should take care of everything provided you train and eat smart.