9 week cycle

starting out at 300 a week of sustenon 250, 250 a week of deca and a shot od testoprim. stop the testo prim after 4 weeks and drop to 250 susstenon after 4 weeks
then taper it and the deca down to none followed by one more week of deca at 50. taking nolvadex the whole time and clomid the last week and folowwing 3 weeks. plan on consuming 300 grams of protien a day and a 2500-3000 cal diet. and i drink about 2 gals water a day. any thoughts?

if you dont mind me asking. why do you plan to taper?

WHAT P-DOG SAID…plus how are you gonna do 300mgs. of sostenon 250 (if thats what you meant)
a quick little lesson…front load the 250 and deca…you will see results much faster…
more info is needed to get anymore detailed than that…

Why are you using sust at all if you are using Testoprim. They will have virtually the same effect as one another. Go with the cheaper.
Also don’t do the deca that late into a cycle. If you are going to cut anything early then cut the longest acting ester first. The deca will still be in your system some time after your last shot so you’re not really doing a nine week cycle.
As P-dog says why are you tapering?
And why would you go to the trouble of using 300mg of sust when it comes in 250mg amps? I guessing this is a typo.

Lastly I would say you don’t know what you are doing, read the ‘steroid newbie thread’ first.

If you would like some help with your cycle, please use a week by week format, detailing the amount of miligrams you plan to use for each specific week. thx P-22