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Cycle without AIs

I am on permanent TRT x 5 years. I have done two cycles. The last one was Test 400MG per week + EQ 500MG per week + DBol 20 MG per day to jump start during first 4 weeks of cycle. Cycle was 14 weeks.
Did labs mid cycle and end of cycle.
My Estradiol was NEVER north of 30. And I took NO AIs? I am lean BF less that 12%.
Had minimal bloat even with with the DBol and no gyno or sides.
Anyone else experience this? Is it simply that some of us just do not aromatize so no need for AIs?

I think I’ve read on here that EQ does a great job keeping E2 down… could be wrong though. Someone who knows will be here shortly

It can.

On paper it aromoatizes at half the rate of test in practice it can have anti estrogenic actions.

This could be the cause of your E2 not getting high or as you mentioned you simply may not aromoatize at a high rate.