Cycle with Primasol and Anavar

I intend on using Primasol - Androsol with Primobolan for 2 weeks along with Anavar at 50mg per day. How much Primobolan will I need to mix with the androsol to get the equivalent of 400mg per week. I have read that the conversion rate is approximately 50% so would this equate to 800mg per week? The ampoules come in 100mg/ml vials. Would it also be beneficial to increase the dose of the Anavar to 60-70mg per day as it is only for a short 2 week course? Many thanks…

i wouldn’t doubt that you’d have better luck just taking the primo orally. it is 1AA’ed so it has some oral bioavailability

You can’t mix a steroid already esterfied in oil to androsol and hope to apply it topically. Now if you can get some bulk powder of primobolan acetate then you can mix it in with androsol, but you will only get about a 10% abosrption rate and couple that with how weak a steroid primobolan is and it will amount to a complete waste. Injecting primobolan is probably the only effective way to use it. In regard to using anavar, I think you should just use more primobolan because it normally amounts to being cheaper. Primobolan and anavar act in the same manner so there’s no advantage to using one or the other except the intangibles like price and safety(primo isn’t 17-AA). Post again if you have any more questions.

This is a very poor idea. Primbolan S
(the oral with the acetate ester) is not
all that strong and I don’t think using it
transdermally offers any advantage over
the oral. Plus, it is expensive and you’ll
hardly notice anything less than 200mg per
day topically. Primobolan Depot (enanthate)
can’t be used as a topical as this ester
all but prevents any methenolone from getting
into your blood.

Anavar should NEVER be taken at more than 40mg per day due to increases in LFT's it causes.

You might want to really rethink whether you have the requisite knowledge base to do a cycle...I don't say this to belittle you, I say this to save you time, money, aggravation and health problems.

Brock Strasser

Thanks for the post guys…I appreciate your candid advice and will go back to the drawing board to learn more