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Cycle with Leftovers (Test E, Prop and Tren)

Hi all,

I have some leftovers from prevoius cycles and am debating whether to use them as one cycle.

Thoughts on running Test E for approx 8 weeks then switching to Tren and Prop for 5 weeks. Total cycle being 13 weeks. Should I bother, or just restock?

You’re going to restock anyway, right? If this was the last time you were ever going to buy gear then that’s different story. But if you’re just going to replenish the supply eventually then just save up the leftovers and use them next run. Besides, what happens if you drop a vial of test after two weeks and you’re stuck with a lot less than you planned? Less headache to just prepare now for the next run. Just my 2¢.

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You do make a good point. Although, I don’t plan on running tren and prop anytime soon, hence my plan to use up what I have.