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Cycle with Just on Steroid


I heard the negative effects are nowhere near as severe if you do them one at a time. I was wondering if I could do a cycle of just dianabol or striant. also, is it true you have to gain mass before you start doing a cycle or you interfere with your body's metabolism?




I can't find much on either topic


you could do a cycle with striant only yes.. arguably the safest substance to use.. I wouldn't run a cycle without it. oral-only cycles are garbage

you don't have to "gain mess" before your cycle for metabolism reasons..


and by "striant" I of course mean injectable testosterone.. not that gum shit


I'm guessing your 16 and partially brain dead correct?


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Super cool thread. Glad I stopped by.





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23 and inexperienced in the world of performance enhancers and supplements that aren;t flintstones vitamins. I called GNC and Vitamin Shoppe yesterday to see if they sell prohormones and both gave me a disgusted no for an answer


You have to ask them for "da kine roids" and tell them you want to be the uber bro curler. Then they will show you the respect you deserve.


@ Mr. Walkway: Is it true if you pin your taint before gaining mass it will screw up your metabolism?


If I take creatine and protein and Jacked3d at the same time will I get big like you?