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Cycle while on TRT

Hey guys. I’ve tried searching for advice in this but it’s difficult to find a good plan. I’m on a normal TRT cycle of 50mg E3D along with HCG the day before each injection.

I’m close to dialed in but I’ve stockpiled a lot of testosterone that will eventually go bad. What I want to do is Inject maybe 50mg ED for 2-4 weeks and then go back down to my normal dose. I have everything I need.

I guess the question is since I’m on TRT already, is there anything I need to worry about. I wouldn’t really need PCT. I’ve read some posts on guys who do this from time to time but couldn’t find them

Look for blasting and cruising, or Blasting while on Trt. Very common on these forums.

You are just getting your TrT dialed in, I dont think I would recommend Blasting just yet. Get steady for awhile then blast and cruise. There is no rush.

Why are you injecting EOD? Seems like a lot of unnecessary pins. I pin twice a week and now after almost year, that is getting old. BUT I feel so much better than before. Of course you wont need PCT, that is your TrT. I would have nolva on hand just in case of sides. But more than likely you wouldnt experience any on only 350mgs a week. I would hold off and wait awhile.


Ah thanks, I found some topics with that. I’m injecting E3D, 150mg/wk. that was a typo. I over respond to AI’s but would feel aweful after about 6 weeks with a once a week schedule. I could have done Twice a week but just went with e3d and felt fine for a while and stuck with it. I preload a month and keep them sterile with caps so injecting takes seconds. I say dialed in but have problems every 4 to 6 weeks. I’ve thought about trying twice a week just to see if I feel better. Some people say they like it more than e3d.

Thanks for the advice. I’m on the fence in wether to blast. I have 4000 mg just going to waste if I don’t use it and am tempted to run a short cycle. Was just wary of screwing thongs up after feeling better.

Its not going to waste. Keep it out of sun, keep it from exteme heat or cold. Just get stable first, then have it.

Twice a week is roughly every 3 days.

7/2 = 3.5

Welcome to the forum cornwell. I have been on TRT for just over 4 years and blast twice a year.
As newbvet says your T won’t go bad even after the expiration date. I keep my extra in its original box in my closet until needed.
Can you give us some details on why you don’t think you are dialed in yet?
Blasting while on TRT is so easy compared to the guys who have to get their pituitary gland and balls working again.
Anyway if I can help with questions fire away. I assume you do have access to an AI and you can get your blood tested when you want?

Thanks for the info. My problem is what I think is AI sensitivity. After 4 -6 to 8 weeks I’m pretty sure I’m getting high E2. I start to bloat and have ED and weird depression. I have not had my blood tested when I feel bad (which I need to do). The last few times I’ve had a “date” so I took a little anast. I usually feel great within hours or the next day but then run into problems again within a few days. I have been tested many times immediately after taking anast and I’m always low. I’ve even crashed hard a few times. Ive started taking small dose anastraxole (1/16 pill or even 1/32) where as before I was taking 1/8 and my estrogen is still always low. So with my cycle I’m great for maybe 2 months and then have some issues that take a week or 2 to resolve (by usually lowering my e too much which then starts climbing up again.

I have access to testing and tested about every 2-3 months but I’m in nyc so you can’t just walk in to labcorp without a Dr prescription. I have to go through my endo but next time I chat him I’m going to have him pre write a couple of lab Corp tests that I can use when I need it. Overall I’m fairly happy but I do need to fine tune. Right now I’m having all the normal 6-8 week issues along with mild ED issues now but took an anast.

I think am going to drop my test down from 150 to 120 or 100 a week to see if the problem goes away. My T is around 890 and free around 93. Shbc was in the 30’s. I was tempted to do a short cycle first before dropping to 100 and then waiting 6 weeks to see how I feel on 100. I’m thinking that’s probably a bad idea now.

Some advice, stop fucking with your protocol. Trust the process. From what I understand, it takes your body 6-8 weeks to adapt everytime you change it. When I first started TrT, my E2 spiked to 55. That was shown by bloodwork. My ankles had swelled from water retention, moody, sleepy, overall felt shitty. It was only because of the advice on here that I didnt take any AI. Still haven’t to this day. Within a week or two, my body calmed down, adjusted and the symptoms disappeared. I went through the same thing when I increased from 100mgs a week to 200mgs a week, just not as bad. You might check out other things such as adrenal fatigue, diet, sleep, over stressed at work or at home?

IMO with an SHGB of 30 there is no reason to run 150mg/wk if you plan to blast a couple times a year, why cook your heart. I am assuming you enjoy bodybuilding? You can probably stablize your protocol with no AI on 100mg/wk. maybe even 80mg/wk. and hold any gains you’ve made during your blast.
Keep your AI handy but it is only for when you come off your blast. We are talk no more than .25mg/wk for about 3 weeks. While you are blasting you just let your E2 run. A high E2 will protect your joints.

Your first blast should be about 300mg/wk for 12 weeks. You probably won’t feel crap for the first 4 weeks. I actually feel lethargic during that first month. It’s a really good idea to get a pre blast blood test. google discountedlabs and see if you can get a script for labcorp in NYC. You need to make sure your blood is not too thick from your TRT treatments. I like to donate a pint just before a start just to be sure. I do a 40 day mini blood test just for bragging rights. T cyp or E reaches steady state in ~40 days so its nice to know what you are running for the rest of your blast.

I just started my Spring time blast on March 1. I’m doing .65ml (130mg) M/W/F


Thanks for the advice. I’m pretty good about not messing with my protocol. I e tried 3 in 15-15 months. The first was a once a week with an AI that the cookie cutter program I’m in tried. I switched to 120 and stabilized fairly well except for problems above. I got greedy and tried to increase to 150mg a week but more is not always better. I’m definately dropping to try 100 next fir 2-3 months to see how I feel. I may reconsider blasting until after.

Omg thanks for this … I’ve been looking for a place like this for months. Most places you can buy a cheap lab but they are all disallowed in nyc!! I’ve been going to urgent care to get blood work sometimes haha.

Spoke too soon

NOTE: We serve all states in the U.S. except New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, and Hawaii.

I think it’s union BS

You got any friends or relatives in a surrounding state you could go visit? Give their addy as yours.
Most if not all LabCorps offer walk-ins no appointment needed. Join the LabCorp website and when your test is complete they email you and you print out the bloods from the site. No need to revisit or anything like that.