Cycle Waiting Period and Description

Hello everyone.

I just finished a cylce of D-bol (30mg ED) and Test 200mg EOD. I also ran Arimidex throughout, started with .5mg EOD, and then went to 1mg M, W, F. I thought I started to get an itch in the nip and bumped it up. I hope it wasn’t too much. But anyway, on to my question.

I’m getting another cycle in soon and am wondering on the waiting time to start. I have a big trip coming up in June and would like to finish before then, cycle duration is 8 weeks. The cylce is going to consist of, Tren EOD (not sure of dosage yet, 1st time using, any suggestions would help) and Win ED. I will also be running arimidex again. I have heard you are supposed to wait 8 weeks but am not sure if that is right.

Any suggestions on the above would be great, my biggest interest is in waiting time.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Time off = time on. At least that’s the conventional wisdom. You should stay off the juice for the same amount of time you were on the previous cycle.

I’m sure there are more aggressive rest protocols out there, but time off=time on is sort of the standard.

Include the PCT of your last cycle in your “off” time. There are a lot of people that cycle much more agressively and are doing alright, so your level of conservatism is up to you.

On a side note, i’d include some test in with your tren and winny for your next cycle, if even just a bit. Fina dick is not something to strive for.