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Cycle w/ Higher Chance of Lasting After PCT?


I will post more about me and advice later when I design a cycle, I need information on specific steroids atm, cheers.

I am the kind of chap that does a cycle once every three years or so. (only dianabol so far) I want to try some of the high grade/expensive steroids this time and becasue of my usage, steroids that can be proven to have a longer lasting effect after pct is my priority, cheers. Are there even any, I have never heard of this?

Can anyone link me to trusted articles on specific steroids perhaps? I don't do this often so I have decided this time round, I want to try the higher grade stuff. I needed to know which give a decent mix of strength/size with minimal side effects? I am just worried that if I google myself I will find some bs article. Cheers guys, once I've had a read I'll post a cycle plan :slight_smile:

thankyou gentlemen.


as someone who may not post often, but has been lurking on tnation for just over a year now, let me just say what the vets of this site would tell you if they would even bother typing the same message they use to reply to every single thread like this.
Do your homework
read the stickies
get your diet straight
once you feel confident in your understanding of aas and it's compounds, your diet reflects your goals and you are educated on the stickies in this particular forum...
propose a cycle, in the format outlined by Bonez's thread and perhaps someone with much more knowledge than I can guide you in the direction you are hoping to get going.
hopefully this is a start


REad the stickies at the top of this forum!!

As far as lasting effects after pct, that depends almost solely on whether you keep training hard and keep your calories increased during pct and after, instead of skipping workouts and lowering calories and protein.

You always lose water and glycogen weight after a cycle, but that does not equate to actual muscle loss. Most people make the mistake of skipping workouts or half-assing the ones during and after pct, as well as dropping calories in the hopes of maintaining the leanness they had during cycle. You can keep the gains off most any cycle but you had better be prepared to be consistent.