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Cycle Update


O.K., for starters, I know I SUCK at keeping a log or keeping you updated on my progress.
I apologize and here we are;
Began test-e 2000mg/wk,, deca 1500 mg/wk, HGH 10iu e3d divided into two 5iu shots one in the am and one post workout, insulin 10iu post workout 5 months ago

Starting weight 205 @ 5'6" tall, bf% unknown, but more than I would have liked.
Went into the cycle with MINIMAL sides, some aggression/imsomnia issues, but nothing too major.
I'm generally a grumpy old prick (50 Years Old) anyway..
I've ran all of the above before with the exception of HGH.

My progress was moving along as one would expect from these compounds, but no visible/noticeable HGH effect? I began to think perhaps the uh hum quality of my product MAY be lacking, although my source is the best, hands down. Well, folks, one month nothing, two months nothing, three months BANG!!!!!!!

I walked into my bathroom one night where we have a huge mirror and I couldn't believe my eyes.
I'm getting ripped and my diet is actually a little sloppy..
Every day the fat is pouring off of me and the muscle just keeps coming.
I'm never one to brag, ask my fellow T-Nation buddies, but I'm looking pretty awesome 5 months in. I now weigh between 216-220 with MUCH lower bf%. I have people approaching me everyday to compliment me and/or ask me what the hell I'm on.

My lifts are through the roof and I have crazy striations and vascularity throughout my body, even my head! Here's a total ego booster, I had a super hot 24 year old fitness model approach me to tell me that I looked "amazing" and she wanted to know what competition I was entering! I don't compete and I'm 50!

I broke two vertebraes (T6 & T7) when a strap broke while shrugging at the very start of this cycle, so legs/back weren't worked for six weeks until I hhealed. My legs still got vascular and cut. Needless to say I am hooked on HGH and will remain on at some dosage or other for life. As a fact my wife is ready to take the plunge, Primo, Anavar, HGH. What a ride!


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Tim, I'm pleased to hear this cycle is going so well for you. I have to say though, if it takes this much gear to be able to walk that beast of a dog you have, maybe you should swap it for a pug? Would be great to see some pictures if you have the time or inclination. You are an inspiration, if I get to 50 I want to be in the kind of shape you are.


Surely 50 is doable dude? Or have you REALLY smashed it.


Of course, I take care of myself, I just mean none of us know what will happen in the future. Hope that doesn't sound pessimistic, I fully intend on living as long as possible.


YES a stable fracture to both T-6 AND T-7, saw the x-rays myself.
Shrugging 530 andd left strap broke, felt pain and stopped. For the next week, every time I sneezed or coughed it felt like I was being stabbed. Had it checked out and Dr. said I doubt you broke anything but we'll x-ray for extra measure. He comes back in the office saying well you broke two vertabrae! I was supposed to wait a little longer, but subsequent mri showed I healed already!

Anyway, I feel awesome now and am back to shrugging 500. My squat/deadlift is still suffering a little, I may just be "gun shy", a little self-preservation instinct perhaps? I really wanted everyone to hear my experience with HGH. As far as I'm concerned, this stuff is magic.
I realize I'm in the category of people that get the moost benefit from it (over 50).

 You need to have realistic expectations, of course. I didn't gain 50 lbs of lean muscle in five months, but did gain between 10-15lbs of lean muscle and shed loads of fat.

For a fifty year old guy to have 24 year old girls commenting on his physique, I must be doing something right! I've been pretty big/muscular for the past 7 years or so, but I've never received so many compliments as I am now. Thank you Jintropin, LOL. I'm actively preparing my next order which will include Tren hexahydrobezylcarbonate (Parabolan) with Test, HGH, possibly EQ to harden up some more.
I will have the Mrs. snap a couple pics to post for you guys.