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Cycle Update


Thought I would share with everyone so far.

NOTE: Before I started this, I was on TRT at 200mg every 14 days.

I "started" this back on the first week of September. 200 test e, 200 deca once per week.

My shots have been VERY inconsistant. I ran out of test (rule #1, never start cycle without all necessary drugs on hand). I also still hate poking myself, so if I can't get anyone to do it I usually just wait. This is a bad habit that I need to break. During the months of Sept and Oct, I bet I had a total of 6 shots, so dumb.

All of October I was dieting. I ended up around 222, probably the best I have ever looked. Stayed pretty "full" and my waist was wayyy down, abs almost in I think. Probably just should have stayed dieting but I was over it as I had been doing the same thing for a month already.

Been about 1 month now and things are going well. Weight is back to 236 as of yesterday. I have filled out some, but alot of it came back as fat. This is probably due to shitty diet on my part and very minimal cardio. Still very vascular, especially in my shoulders?

Strength is good right now, hitting prs on the bench as that is my focus. Back is pretty fucked, so no squatting or deads. Overall I feel VERY good for taking this little. Going back to shots every 7 days vs 14 days made a big difference. I have had 3 weeks of consistant shots now and expect to see an even bigger change because of this. Not sure how much longer I am going to run this for, another 2 months maybe? Will update all you fuckers again in a month or so unless something major happens.



Things are still going well with this I think.

Have still been running 200mg test e and 200mg deca every 7 days. Have not missed a shot since the post in November and it made a difference.

Energy level and recovery have been good, my sex drive has been great and I feel strong in the gym. Recently hit an all time PR in the bench at 330, yes shitty, but this is 15lb pr from a time when I was on far more gear.

Weight is now at 244 so the gains have been slower for sure, still not eating enough which is no doubt part of the problem. Probably going to run the deca another 6 weeks or so then just go back to the test at 200mg every 10 days.



Idk what everybody else thinks, but your doses and injection frequency are not to hot...

I would add more test and bump both injections to E3D. The only reason you won't inject E3D is because your a needle phobe otherwise what would be the problem?

I think adding the extra test (another 200mg/week or so) will give you better gains and if the deca makes you limp it 'might' aid in keeping you a man. lol

my .02



Thanks for the feedback. The main purpose for this "cycle" was to see how a lower dosed long cycle worked. I have run much higher numbers of test before.

Most people probably take more than they need. This is still a total dose of 400mgs per week of anabolics. I have had zero issues with "deca dick" thankfully, if anything it's been the opposite. From what I have read, as long as you keep your test at the same or higher dose than the deca, you'll be okay. For me, this has held true.

On injection frequency, you may be right. I had been running 200mg once every 14 days on my HRT protocol and I could feel the drop after about 10 days. At every 7 days, I don't notice anything. I have no idea what the blood levels are doing however! If anything, the once per week is just because I'm lazy.



haha lol right on then man...fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seen charts of the acetate ester from tren that show ED WAAAY SUPERIOR to EOD so to me injection frequency is a bigger deal than most put it out to be. In fact shooting short estered drugs ED is probably the best way to go imo...but not many enjoy pinning ED. Closer injections will lead to more stable blood hormone levels imo...

Pinning shouldn't take that long and if your too lazy to shoot more often then idk wat to tell you dood lol jk...

anyways all is food for thought as you seem to know your research...

good luck



This is pathetic; you SHOULD NOT be using AAS.
NO FUCKING WONDER steroids are illegal WTF is with all the idiots here recently? Stupid fucking New years resolutions!

youre too fucking lazy? ARE YOU JOKING!


Go fuck yourself. Give me a valid medical reason why I should break up 200mgs per week into 2 shots, back it up with research, and I'll switch. I haven't found one. I know my my body by now and I feel like I would get zero benefit out of that. Why go though a second injection if you don't need to?

You seem like you've got your shit half together so I'm going to drop it here.



Thanks DG. I really liked what I got out of test prop and tren ace ed, just a pain in the ass :slight_smile: I do agree with you in regards to that injection frequency. I value your posts, thanks bro.



There is no need for research on it; simple math does the trick. A half life of seven days like the enanth. ester should be injected every third day for stable blood levels... The decanoate ester should be injected based on its half life which i believe is about 13days so every sixth day or so.... This is SIMPLE stuff you should know this by now....


Enanthate half life is nearer 5 i believe.

This is why 2x/wk or more (obviously) is better for more stable blood levels.

Monopoly - You want medical evidence for injecting more frequently? Really?

I suggest you pick up ANY book on AAS pharmacokinetics and cross reference that information with ANY book on the physiologic effect of testosterone in Males in homogenous and in supraphysiological doses, and then revise your opinion..

Just because you dont gain more or less doesnt mean jack.

Anyway - with the point you made on 'Deca Dick' and how if one keeps test higher or equal to nandrolone dosages then this wont occur - that has not been my experiences either first or secondhand.
Most find that the libido problems occur from deca well within the cycle.. not immediately (so keep an eye on it), and it also manages to affect many who are running significantly more test than nandrolone.

Often one may have no problem at 200-400(deca-test) but if you were to use 400-800 you may suffer..
Same if one uses a better or worse ratio.. SOME test should be enough, equal to deca for example - or lower even.

The amount of deca will affect libido massively IME. I believe this is prolactin induced. I am as sure as i can be.
If sexual dysfunction occurs and one does not have caber or whatever, (and most do not unless they know of prolactins effects in themselves, or are a fan of caber for sexual benefits regardless) then reducing the dose of nandrolone should/does help - over the following weeks of course..!
Props to phenylpropionate estered nandrolone :wink:




Thanks Brook. I was hoping for some feedback on this.

I just ran and did the "roid calc" for the hell of. Google it if you want to look.

The difference in blood levels injecting 100mg e3d or once per week was a 10mg variance vs an 18mg variance.

What does this really mean? Who knows. Who knows if that calculator is even worth anything, but it's just something to play with.

You guys are probably right on injection frequency. I guess that after using 250 every 14 days, going to 200 every 7 days made such a big differece I didn't really think about splitting it up more.

I would also think that after 12 weeks of the deca/test if any problems were going to "arise" they would have. Maybe I'm wrong, but I sure as hell hope not. You guys are making me worried!

I'm tempted to bump this to 750 test and 500 deca for the last 6 weeks, but I feel like it's a waste with my current back injury. Any thoughts?



I think you are right - at the doses you currently use, if you were going to get a problem sexually you would have - i would say that even if you weren't injured that increasing the doses is HIGHLY likely to cause the problems you mentioned, let alone the fact it IS a waste if you cant hit the gym as hard as possible.

I use roidcalc. it is a good tool and a quick way to calculate my frontloads.
As for dosing frequency; it is the fact that test 9and AAS) exert their best results when there is a stable blood level. This is proven.

When one doses orals this becomes massively noticeable. When you take one dose of a longer oral such as drol in the morning, sides and results are much below what you get when you split the doses, this is due to the build up of drug in the system in the latter fashion - where the former simply rises the blood levels then falls to nothing.
Same for dianabol but even more so.
Winny isnt as noticeable as its effects are so small!

Same goes for injectables but in different timeframes.
As you can see in roid calc, when you inject 2x/wk (which is what i do) the levels rise and fall over a 3-4 day cycle (IIRC) and vary minimally. When one injects once a week - only one injection less, the levels fluctuate over 7 days in quite a large way. this means that levels of estrogen (due to aromatase) and other hormones (prolactin, progesterone) will all increase massively on injection due to much higher blood levels from injecting 500+mg at a time, and become dominant over the week progression and concurrent decrease in androgen levels - compared to the 2+ times a week dosing, where levels are much more stable and test stays dominant, and where only 250mg or less (for a 500mg week cycle) is injected at any one time, reducing affinity for aromatase etc.

Does this make sense? I know what i mean, but i struggle to convey it to others commonly.

As i mentioned in an earlier post - it isnt really the increase in gains from 1 pin a week to two or three, but a decrease in side effects.

Not only estrogen based sides from more test aromatised, but sides from the higher doses of androgens in the system at time of injection, when compared to the spacing out of the drug - so aggression, oil/acne.. whatever.



That must be the rage you hear about.... So angry.. LOL...


Nice bump :rolleyes:

The anger came from someone who admitted to being 'lazy' wanting to use AAS.