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Cycle Update, Comments, Questions

This may or may not be of interest to you but I decided to post some of my results after 2 weeks of starting my 2nd cycle. I’m currently doing 250mg EOD of aratest and 75mg EOD of finaplix and 40mg/day of paperbol. I’m also using 50mg EOD of clomid and frontloaded on day 1 with 3x the amount of aratest, finaplix, and 6 clomids.

In two weeks without changing how much I eat when trying to pack on size I’ve jumped from 209 to 221 lbs. That’s 12 lbs. for you math majors. I’m not sure whether that is good or not for two weeks but the weight seems to be predominantly muscle gain, with I’m sure a lb. or two of fat and some water. I pulled out the measuring tape to see how much I increased in my arms and legs. Well, good news because my forearms are up about 3/4", upper arms a 1/2", calves up 5/8", and quads are up a whole 1"!!! The bonus is that my waist actually looks smaller and my jean shorts are now looser. I hope that I continue to make these gains but I’m sure I’ll level off towards the end.

Side effects include crazy increase in sex drive and weight gain. Thanks to Bill Roberts recommendation for acne, my back, chest, arms, and face are all clearing up pretty good.

I do have some questions. I haven’t noticed from this cycle that the paperbol is giving a “feel good” effect. Last cycle using dbol tabs I did noticed it. Is it because with the high dosage of aratest I’m more fully saturating the class II receptors?? Anyone??

I’ll continue to post my results with this cycle about every two weeks or so. Time to go eat!

I’ve never understood or had a really good hypothesis for why Dianabol uniquely has a mild “feel-good” effect in a way that other androgens do not. (Other androgens do enhance sense of well-being and energy, but Dianabol has a different “flavor” of almost a mild euphoria.)

But, I have noticed this with Dianabol only
when Dianabol is used alone, or when an injectable drug being used along with it
hasn’t had time to take effect yet. For me, it seems the same as Scott said, that other androgens mask the effect.

One of two friends who are very intelligent and well-informed thought that perhaps this was an anti-cortisol effect of Dianabol. Who knows, perhaps that is it! Or maybe it is something entirely different.

Scott, while your weight gain sounded a little light for the 2 week point, your measurement gains are at, or (except for upper arms) even a little past what is usual, though still within the realm of what is not too uncommon with a good stack. Excellent results!

With those measurement increases, and a 12 lb weight increase, it seems clear to me that you could not have gained fat. Some of the weight is glycogen and glycogen-associated water within the muscles, though.

I’ve always thought the “feel good” effect experienced from d-bol was due to an increase in dopamine levels. I mentioned this a long time ago in a GOF. I could be wrong but one study had shown an increase.

Cy, that makes good sense, and is in agreement with what it feels like… the question then is (if this is the explanation) why and how does Dianabol increase dopamine levels differently than other androgens, and why do other androgens wind up apparently masking the effect?

(Now, I want to stress that this apparent
claimed masking is by NO means proven to
exist. I would not bet on it at all. It just
seemed to me that way personally, but on the
other hand, another explanation could simply
be that the effect might tend more to be acute than chronic.)

Im probably showing my steriod ignorance here, but if you arent eating more than your usual gaining diet, how could you be packing on more lean mass. Wouldnt you just have your non assisted gains plus water weight. In any event why wouldnt you eat more and maximise the effectiveness of the cycle.

You got me there Bill. I initially thought it was simply due to an inhibition of MAO-B that caused the increase. But then, looking back at the study, no change in MAO-A or MAO-B activity was seen. Except with oxymetholone, there was an increase in MAO-A activity. There was no significant increase in dopamine with testosterone. Anyhow, I’m sure there’s an increased synthesis of dopamine but how methandrostenolone accomplishes this I’m not sure. I could speculate but I’m not really sure. Also, the increased dopamine and consequential hydroxylation to norepinephrine and then methylation to epinephrine could explain the increase in heart rate too. This is what further convinces me it has to be dopamine. Why d-bol is unique in regards to this effect I can’t say. Any thoughts Bill?

Also, I forgot, looking back, I think the idea that Bill mentioned, where the other androgens only have an acute effect could explain why d-bol is unique. That makes sense.

Weighed today because yesterday when I weighed I hadn’t eaten much during the day. Well, today I weighed 224 lbs. so that’s makes me a little happier. Dre, I meant that before I started my cycle I was already eating like 5,500-6,000 calories daily so I still eat the same amount. I think my maintance is at or just below 5,000 so I’m still getting anywhere between a 3,500-7,000 caloric surplus for the week. I’m trying to eat more but I’m doing it slowly and surely! Time to go eat again!