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Cycle Tweaking

Hey mates. Did some reading of the stickys still stuck so thought id ask for some tweaking to my plan.

22 years old. 4 years weightlifting. Eat properly. 98kgs.

Im going to be using Test Prop. 6 week cycle on it.

week 1-6. 100mg/ml EOD.

I have seen on many forums that you use AIs and Serms. But when do i use them. Do i use them when im on the cycle aswell as after. ( i no you have to use pct after the cycle ) And do you have to use both or is one okay ?

Cheers mates.

Re-read the stickies…

The sticky for beginners by furious george lays everything out

This isn’t cycle tweaking, you’re asking us basic questions which have been extensively answered repeatedly.

AI: Adex .25mg eod, adjust as needed (up to 1mg/day) weeks 1-6

Serm: Nolva 40/40/20/20 (dosages to use every day for the 4 weeks of PCT take 3 days after your last shot)

These are both necessary to have and you should read a lot more. This is by no means “tweaking”. I’m wowed at how misleading that is. Read more unless you want to end up with a limp weiner, the sensitive feelings of an 18-year-old girl, and possibly the breasts of one as well…(yes I’m serious)

Well done for spoon feeding him an incorrect way to use an AI…