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Cycle Tweaking/Questions!


13% bodyfat
Training for over 20 years.

I am a competitive grappler/Jiu-JItsu practitioner who has done one prior cycle over twelve years ago. A haphazard effort consisting of anadrol and Test C for six weeks or so with some HCG thrown in at the end.


Weeks 1-8 TEST C, 250mg 2X/wk
Weeks 1-8 MAST P, 50mg ED
Weeks 3-8 HCG 250 IU's 2X/wk
AI of choice. Will adjust accordingly.
Weeks 10-14 Nolva PCT


How do you guys feel about throwing in 4 weeks of Dbol or Anadrol?

I could also extend the MAST P(short ester)until week 10, correct?

Should I wait until week 15 before starting a natural TEST booster or can I begin in conjuction with PCT?


This forum and it's motley denizens have helped me tremendously. I appreciate this site and will continue echoing it's praises.


looks like a solid cycle. test/mast is great for fighting. I would skip the dbol. Causes more issues/pumps then necessary for what your looking for, var would be a more appropriate choice. With a cycle that short, I would say running test Prop would be much more conducive. Might not be as cost effective, but overall more effective, and since mast p will be every day anyways....

somthing like

75mg Test/day
50mg Mast/day

If you keep the test C ester, you could run the masteron a little while longer, I would still cut it out at least a week before PCT if going with a Nolva pct.

As for the natural test boosters. i would say post pct would be just fine.

good luck



You can throw in Dianabol or Anarol if you would like. Either one will complement the Masteron well. Yes, you could carry out the Masteron until the tenth week. I would start the Dianabol/Anadrol at week six and continue the Masteron, Dianabol/Anadrol, and HCG until week ten. Though, I would stop the Masteron two days out from the last day. This is also assuming your last HCG shot is approximately two days out from the last day.


Also, you only scheduled one wait week after your last cyp shot. Two weeks are required for plasma level to drop adequately to start an effective PCT. That brings you to week 11-14 for PCT. 4 weeks should be sufficient. I do not see the need for 5 weeks as you indicated.


Sorry: That was a typing error on my part.


Thank you for your response(s). My last question involves potential strength gains.

Here are some of my current efforts on some staple lifts .

Rumanian DL 475X4
ATG Back Squat 435X4
Push Press 315X3

What would be reasonable poundage increase/expectations at the end of my proposed cycle? Proper dietary protocols will be followed.

Thanks Again:


Way too many factors are involved to accurately predict poundage increases. You would be best suited to answer that question, not us.


Having done some Jodo competitions myself at a young age, i know that when this sport is compared to martial arts it is particularly less demanding aerobically than say MMA or Taekwondo.

That said, i am NOT suggesting it is a breeze.. just that i can imagine the results from Dbol very useful, rather than debilitating as they might be with some of the more active choices (Taekwondo is a kicking MA mostly, and this requires a very high aerobic fitness IME).

I personally am built for grappling style sports and as such enjoy that mode of fighting immensely both on and off the mat :wink: