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Cycle to PL Meet and Post


Hi just my numbers

Hight: 6'0
Weight: 185
Age: 23

Squat: 462
Bench: 308
Deadlift: 573

I just want to gain as much strength and weight up to the comp as possible. I know I am very tall for my weight group (82.5), hence I want to move up to the under 90's. I have run 2 cycles previously Test+Var and Test+EQ. My previous highest Test dose was 650mg EW, this will be my first cycle at these sorts of doses. I also know many people will say I am too young or too small, I do understand where you are coming from and if I hadn't already started using I would probably take it to heart a bit more.

w1-10 Test C 360mg E3D (840mg EW)+Frontload (600mg first shot) (on Gokstand86's advice)
w6-12 Masteron 100mg E2D (350mg EW)
30mg Dbol Pre workout
.5mg Adex ED
40/40/20/20 Nolva PCT
w13-18 2mg Albuterol twice a day to block cortisol from the AR to help maintain gains.

Test C is 300mg/ml, Dbol 10mg per/t and Masteron is 100mg/ml.

Plan is Test base for strength and mass, Dbol for increased strength and a little mass (hence only pre workout) and Masteron for increased strength and a bit of mass pre comp and to also consolidate the mass as I start to come off. I have 3x50mg drol tabs for post weigh in (weight in, night, morning of comp) and I will also take 30mg Dbol pre comp (another 30mg pre bench if not cramping and another 30mg Pre Dead if not cramping). I will also have a training session at around 50mg to access my tolerance to higher doses. (on Bigskwatta's Advice)

What do you guys think?


I'm not trying to bust your balls man but that is WAY too much for a guy your size. I am 6'1'', 220 and 24 years old with only one cycle under my belt and it was only 350 mg test a week.

Do you lift raw? How is your training structured? I went to Super-Training in Sacramento and Mark Bell told me not to bother with lower weight classes at over 6 feet tall because with our leverages we need to be in the 220's minimum. I am doing the SPF meet there in Nov.

My advice and I have been training for 8 years is to just focus on gaining weight instead of trying to squeeze into a weight class like that.

There are so many guys at my gym on 2-3 grams of gear a week and they are not putting up any serious weight. Just run a solid cycle with test and eat as much as you can.


Why not just run 750-900mg a week and some mast? d-bol preworkout is okay.

D-bol would work fine for after weigh ins. You need more than just 30mg meet day though.
Abomb in the morning.

30mg d-bol before rules meeting (or abut 30 minutes before warmups if you aren't in the first flight)

If you aren't cramping take another 20-30mg of d-bol before bench.

Same goes before deadlift. If you start cramping, then stop.

Try 40-60mg preworkout one day, and see if you cramp from that, if not then you will be fine with the 30mg doses I would think.

I made the mistake of only taking 40mg of dbol in training, then meet day took 60mg before squats....

Fucked me up by bench... I was cramping too bad to arch. So try and avoid that... But you definitely want to take it throughout the day.

Last meet day I had 120-130mg total.


I can understand where you're coming from. I do lift raw, if I was lifting that equiped I would not both using. I am currently training 4 times a week based around Squat, Bench, Deadlift and OH press, but I currently rep around 10/8/8/6. Trying to hit reasonable volume while maintaining heavier weights to a reasonable extent to put on mass but not neglecting strength. I cycle my weights up over 4 weeks to a heavy 3 or 4 and then move back down, I do that twice and then have a deload week. I compete because I actually really enjoy it, but I do understand that to put up anything to be proud of I will need to be 220+, my long term goal is to compete at 242.

Mark has also said that most of his guys consider 2g of test EW the standard base for his competative lifters, which is more than I am using with every compound I am using. I will lower my test on your advice but I will keep the Mast (perfectly honest I have only just been able to get it and I have wanted to use it for a while) and keep the Dbol Pre workout.

EDIT: On diet, I am currently eating around the 4500cal mark and am going to try to kick that up by another 1000cal while on. It probaby my biggest issue, like most people. :s


Sound advice.


You have strong lifts for your weight. When I am trying to put weight on I train 3 days per week with very low volume. I had great success with Brad Gillingham's squat and dead program.


This is my opinion man...

2 grams of test is fucking stupid for anything less than an elite athlete. Stick with the basics man. You don't need that much gear at your level. I know because I have been there. 185 was a sticking point for me for a while. When I finally broke through I shot up to 202 in a few months by just changing my diet. If you need help with a good powerlifting diet I can lay mine out for you.

You have to conquer your eating habbits. Once you do that even a small amount of test will turn you into a monster. My last cycle was 350 mg a week and I ate 5,500 kcal a day, lited 3 days per week. Put a permanent 20 pounds on from that cycle and I was pulling 635 for a single without a belt at 220. Gear is calorie dependent. @ 185 I would say you are averaging 3,000 a day. I used to think I was getting 5,000 kcal a day but when I really ate that much CONSISTENTLY I blew up.


I had been training with very low volume for about a year previous and I still didn't put on any weight. The higher volume training is my next attempt at weight gain.

Over the last month or so I have been trying to dial in my diet, this is one of the days from my log (yesterday). What do you think?

8am Meal 1: High Protein Cerial. (25g Protein & 450cal)
930am Shake 1: 1L Full Cream Milk+3 Scoops Mass gainer+1 Scoop Slow release Protein(93g Protein & 1500cal)
1230pm Meal 2: 2 Ham and Cheese Croissant (400cal & 20g Protein)
3pm Snack: 150g Potato Wedges (400cal & 5g Protein)
5pm Snack: 100g of Leg Ham and 600ml Chocolate Milk (Protein 24g & 325cal)
530pm-730pm GYM
8pm Meal 3: Tuna Pasta (53g Protein 800cal)
1030pm Shake 2: 1l Full Cream Milk+1 Scoop Mass Gainer+2 Scoops Slow Release Protein (110g Protein & 1150Cal)
11pm SLEEP

*scoop is 50g approx. (its a big scoop)

CAL: 5025

This was a reasonably good day. On a bad day I will probably be around 3700cal or 4000cal.

EDIT: should have said this before, with my training I have droped the overall number of exercises when I increased the volume per exercise.


Get some high quality olive oil and add it to everything throughout the day. Full fat cream cheese is great for calories too. Its also much easier to pack the calories in with soft foods like that.


Do you get any electrolytes in what you drink on meet day like gatorade or something similar. They really help with cramping, I use medical rehydration sachets from the chemist. Get a magnesium supplement of some sort as well and take it regularly.


I drink gatorade through out the day, usually 3 or 4 litres.


Too much olive oil gives me diarrhea. And you are not gaining weight on low volume, high volume will burn even more calories. Try doing a little cardio a few days a week. It stimulates my appetite.

If you want to gain weight you need to consume more calories than you are now. No amount of drugs is going to help you. I don't know why everyone is giving you advice on your oral dosages when you have not got your diet in order.

The diet you wrote out sucks. Red meat is your best friend for strength gains. Cut all the shakes out, you don't need them. Put that money towards quality beef, fish and chicken.

Whole milk bogs my system down and kills my appetite. I would switch to skim even though it has about half the calories. Also don't drink any liquids with your meals until you are done eating because it will also spoil your appetite.

I always start the day with 5 or 6 whole eggs, 100 grams of carbs from oatmeal and 12oz milk. That's around 1,000 calories.

My other meals vary but I try to eat 2 pounds of meat per day split into 4 meals, 8oz each. As far as carbs go I just eat whatever I want as long as I get 8oz of meat. I also drink 12oz skim milk with every meal.

Looks something like this

Meal 1
6 eggs, oats, 12oz skim milk

Meal 2
8oz chicken, 2 cups white rice, 12oz milk, tbs olive oil

Meal 3
8oz chicken salad, cheddar cheese on whole wheat bread with mayo, 12oz milk

Meal 4
8oz steak, 2 or 3 medium potatoes, 12oz skim milk, salad

Meal 5
8oz chicken, 1 cup cottage cheese, 12 oz skim milk, 2tbs natty pb

That's probably close to 5,500 or 6,000 kcal and over 350 grams of protein. Maybe just switch to 4oz of meat per meal at first and raise to 6-8oz later as you gain weight.

As far as gear, just run test by itself until you are 8-12 weeks out from a meet and then add the other shit, drol and tren ect.

There is no way you can not gain on this diet. I think 500mg test would be plenty for you with all that food.


These are pics I posted in my other thread from last summer. This was my first cycle, test prop 100mg every other day for 10 weeks. I went from 202 to 222 after my pct. I kept 20 pounds from that cycle.


Most guys told me 350mg test was barley over TRT levels which is total bullshit. The average male produces 2.5-11mg of test per day so even 250mg per week is 5 times as much.

You don't need all those different compounds and you certainly don't need close to a gram of gear to make gains at your size.

A lot of guys talk about "genetics" and androgen receptor sensitivity, blah, blah, blah... Those are the guys who don't have what it takes to be good at bodybuilding or powerlifting. They don't have the discipline so they use genetics as a crutch. Don't fall into that mega dosing trap.


I had 1.5 gallons gatorade, 1 liter of pedialyte, and a few muscle milks all with lots of sodium and potassium. That happens to me with d-bol regardless of water intake.
I also take lots of magnesium daily.


350mg being just above TRT hahahaha, my first cycle was 250mg test EW and 30mg Var ED and it was insane. I will take your advice on diet but I think I am going to run the cycle I have up now. Purely because I want to and think i will make good gains out of it. Although you will probably be pissed that I am not taking all of your advice, thanks for it anyway.

EDIT: I will still probably have to have a shake a couple of times a week because of Study (Im a Engineering student) due to 4 hour labs, but appart from that I will try to eat more red meat and I will probably do a carbon copy of your first meal for a while.

Also, you have a fucking serious back on you, nice.


I'm not going to be mad man, lol. I'm just giving you my opinion.

I would do the first meal I laid out every morning no exceptions even if you have to use instant oatmeal if you are strapped for time. I understand if you are going to school. I was in the Army and it was hard as hell to get sufficient calories at times. I try to get a nice steak at least on the days I lift. I shop at the meat market because my girl trains for figure so we both eat a lot of meat.

What kind of engineering btw, I had a friend who just graduated as a mechanical engineer. That's a serious major. I have a lot of respect for anyone in that field. Makes a business degree look like a joke.

At the time I took that pic I trained deadlifts and back on Monday. I did deadlifts up to a max 5 rep set. 2 sets of weighted, narrow, underhand grip chins and some barbell rows Yates style.


What type of magnesium do you take?