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Cycle to Next BBing Show

Age 29
years training:15
cycles done:8
steroids used in past: tren ace,test e,t400,dbol,eq,deca,test prop,sust250
height 5’7
weight 170

Clean bulk/cutting
1-20 arimadex .5 e3d
1-20 25mg proviron upping it to 50mg on week 12
1-4 dbol 50mg
1-12 eq 625mg
1-14 test cyp 400mg
10-20 tren e 400mg
14-20 test prop 350mg
13-20 masteron prop 350mg
14-20 60mg of var ed
15 to 20 winny 50mged
13 to 20 t3/clen
18-20 hcg
4 days after last shot
clomid/nolvadex for 4 weeks

Reasons for lower test is to reduce side effects from test.

I have not started this yet and want some critiques. i do plan to do a bodybuilding show in november of 2013.