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Cycle to Heal Injuries


6 foot 1
208 lbs
My body fat is stupid like 16+ %

The reason is to heal injuries and prevent/regain as much strength and functionality as possible

I plan on following the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off protocol as outlined by furious george (thanks)

on cycle:
50mg anadrol ED
50mg anavar ED
Nolva 20mg EOD (and then increase accordingly).

the off cycle:
i was thinking of taking clom for the first three days after the cycle
and then going to a CJC & GHRP6 combo for the remainder of the 2 weeks, would this be worth it? is there anything else i should know? change or that would be helpful.
Diet as ever will be clean as always and i will focus on my rehab exercises (especially the hamstring).

I am looking at this to improve my injuries not to put on 10 pounds of lbm (it would be nice but..) if i can get 50% less knee pain and just bench 135 as a start again it will have been successful


IMO you have to attack the source of the injury, not just try to heal it with PEDs. A.R.T., applied kinesiology, osteopathy, etc. Unless you had a freak injury, you probably "caused" the problem so you need to know what's to be changed in your training as well.

CJC & GHRP6 combo for the remainder of the 2 weeks is simply too short. Otherwise peptides are supposed to be of help - you just have to do it for a much longer period.


Thanks for the reply. I am attacking the source of the injury aggressively. The second injury was (much like the first one) a freak accident that just happened. No amount of pre-hab could have prevented it. I was planning on repeating the cycle 3 times (the Peptide "off" cycle as well). but on the last one extending my peptide cycle to 4-5 weeks. I was hoping that this would give me a good kickstart to getting back on track. again. Cycle wise what recommendations could/should be added?


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Ok duly noted. So in essence the peptides would speed the healing and the AAS should help prevent disgusting atrophy.


as a side note, i've noticed that my cortisol levels are way up when on the CJC/GHRP "stack" do you have any ideas/tricks to counteract that?


DHEA supplementation should help with cortisol levels, but it'll be dependent on high your cortisol levels are. Was this a 24 hour saliva cortisol test that you had done?


You've actually had blood/saliva tests to confirm? Or are you just going by "feel"?


Why would DHEA supplementation lower cortisol levels?


I came across a few research papers on the inverse relationship between DHEA and cortisol when I was researching peptide therapy for use with neurodegenerative diseases. From what I can gather DHEA acts as a shield against cortisol. Supplementing DHEA may then increase your tolerance to stress, lower your cortisol/DHEA ratio, and may protect you against cellular damage induced by cortisol. Please note my use of the word "may". The jury is still out on the effectiveness of DHEA, some studies showing excellent result, others the opposite, but as rehanb_bl is running Nolva as part of his rehab there will be little risk from incorporating DHEA into the regime.




How are you doing now? Any better?


Well, I have been taking the Peptides, Var and supplementing with elasti joint and fish oil. My knee seems to be doing ok - very well and the shoulder a lot better as well. I will keep this up for another week, drop the var and re-evaluate. But so far so good. I was hoping for a bit more but the results have been better than baseline for sure.