Cycle to Get Faster & Build Muscle

I am completely new to PED’s. I’m 19 5’9 165 not to sure what my body fat is but I’m pretty cut. I’m coming off an mcl tear, that is healing nicely, and begging to train to get back into football so I can walk onto a university. I’ve been working out for 4+ years now, I don’t plan on starting a cycle until I get back to being 185-190 and I want to take something that will help build speed and lean muscle.

Most people will tell you not to take anything at the moment. To be honest, I know that if I were you I’d begin with some GH or peptides (GHRP-2 or -6, possibly some cjc, etc.) and possibly consider a short cycle of test once the injury is fully recovered (when initial strength and weight goals are achieved).
Of course, as you are going to be tested at some point (I assume) it would be wise to stick to esterless or short-estered AAS (test prop, test suspension, and possibly, if you can get some, tren suspension would be good too) as longer esters generally hang around for a few months in terms of detection.

A basic cycle would be something like 50mg of test suspension twice daily for 4-6 weeks, and that along with peptides/GH would be very effective. PCT would be required though, and SERMs are also detectable - if you plan to compete tested in less than 3 months time, there is a risk.

You are still young, you are coming back from an injury (so have more potential to gain strength and speed quickly), and want to compete in a tested sport. You do not need AAS. It’s your choice, but if you don’t know what any of these things are or how they work, DO NOT use them.

^do you think that GHRP would help a 19 year old much, based off his age?

to the OP, what position do you intend on playing? gaining muscle shouldn’t be a priority until you rehab your knee, and have your ability to cut, stop and start easily, etc…

I think there is reason to believe that various growth peptides could be effective, as they would still add to the healing/anabolic environment even starting from a moderate base. GHRP-6 is also known to promote appetite (could be of use to many athletes). GH would of course help greatly.
Rehab is definitely the most important thing right now, I agree. Remember that the forces during sprinting and jumping are far greater than those during most strength training, so don’t return before you have a reasonable strength base.