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Cycle to Gain: TEST BLEND + TRI TRENABOL. Some Help

Hey guys!

First of all I want to say HI to everyone and send greetings from sunny
Cologne in Germany.

I want in this month start a cycle to gain some mass. I got 3 year
experience and 1 cycle after me

(year ago test enan + deca). Now I bought a magic package from my friend in
UK and even the name of juice is for me new. So after 1 year of not being
up-to-date with underground suplements I need a bit help how I should take
this, how often and how many, or even if I should add anything else or what is

So, the equipment:

TEST BLEND 400 – 20ml

TESTABOL 400 – 10ml

TRI – TRENABOL 150 – 30ml

Any clues, tips or tricks?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Greetings, Michael.

you’ll need to tell us what’s actually in the blends.

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You sound like a nice guy, but also sound like abit of an idiot for purchasing steroids without knowing what the fuck you are doing… and with blends of tren this could get interesting lol.

Its already obvious, but I might aswell ask… Do you:

  • Have the dosages per week planned?
  • Have an AI?
  • Have Caber?
  • Have a PCT plan?
  • Have HCG?