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Cycle Time

Age: 23
Height: 5’7
Weight: 171
BF% 14

I plan on starting a cycle of Test 250 and Dianabol… I wanted to lay it out and see what you guys think…

Test 250mg 2 pin mon/thurs 12 weeks
DianaBol Oral 25g ED 6 weeks
Forma Stanzol: 5 pumps to upper chest after shower in morn/5 pumps evening

Celery Seed Extract
Saw Palmetto
Milk Thistle
Fish Oils
Forged Liver

(Am I over killing liver protection/supps?)

Post cycle
Forged Post Cycle
DAA Powerchews
Bio Test Anti-e Testosterone

(this is only my 2nd cycle, so I am unsure of when and how much to use of my post cycle supps, my buddy planned my first cycle for me)

Planned on using the forma stanzol as AI and I have Bio test anti-e on hand for gyno symptoms(im not sure if it is as reliable as arimidex tho) Do I really need clomid or nolva?

Drop all the garbage your planing on using for pct and an AI.

lol? thats alot of help

ya you need to get yourself some real PCT drugs.

are you just talking clomid and nolva?

How is that not helpful, your AI, everything your using for pct is garbage, all garbage. Get yourself a real AI and real pct drugs.

if I just add some clomid to my pct would I be good to go?

I would be really surprised if any of his stuff was legitimate gear.

ok well what should I do then? obviously the information I have researched is no good

kk thanks for the help guys close the thread

Ok, we’ll see you after your cycle posting why you haven’t recovered from your cycle and you don’t know why

I really dont know were people find PCT “supplements” but im guessing they are way over priced.

So ill summarize my thoughts: drugs are your friend drugs work.