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hey guys long time reader first time poster here :slight_smile: ok first background im 22 5ft9 and 191lbs iv been training since i was 15 but only got into it seriously in the passed 2 years i train 4 times a week and always train heavy my starts are arms 17ish legs 25ish waist 34 chest 48-49inch. i dont really do my 1rp but im now on sets with 90kg on incline and i set around 300kg on legpress not sure how good that is. only ever done 2 other cycles which where a shitty 4 week nap course at 18 which was stupid and a test and deca course when i turned 21 so now i think its time fr course 3 :slight_smile: here is what i was thinking i have 30ml of test enanthate 300mg/ml tren enanthate 200mg/ml and 15mg of super tren 2000 which i methyltrienelone at 2mg/ml my course is as follows

test week 1-10 at 900mg a week
tren week 1-10 at 600mg a week
methyltrienelone at 50mcg a day for 10 days
methyltrienelone at 100mcg a day for 18 days
pct sorted with nolva on hand for full pct

so guys what do you all think flame away :smiley:



Most guys around here run high tren, low test to minimize tren sides. I don't know much about oral tren aside from it being a very "harsh" compound. Do you have an AI on hand? What about a dopamine agonist?


I thought methyltrienolone came in 250mcg tabs.


Thanks for the comments guys :slightly_smiling: neo I have proviron on hand might take it throughout the course but not to sure yet and don't have adopemine agonist just going to hope I don't go crazy really because that methyltrienelone is pretty harsh on ya head aswell as your liver :slightly_smiling:

oh and quick fix my dosage for methyltren is 500mcg and 1mg not 50mcg and 100mcg sorry guys. Crapo methyltrienelone is mostly made in pill form but an underground lab has just started producing an injectable called super tren 2000. Thanks for the input guys WM


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Yep I think well hope I'm ready I heard MT is a schizophrenic maker :confused: so should be interesting to say the least. I'm hoping to get more strength than anything that why iv gone for MT suppose to be super human strength gains on small doses so ill see how I get alone with that. What would be the physical side affects would it be better to swap the dosage so tren is higher than the test?

I'm in the north on that island in the corner called anglesey(mon man cymru :p) you BBB



I've heard reports of people getting jaundice on 1mg/day of MT. Dunno if they are reliable.


im not sure if ud get jaundice from 1mg of injectable MT maybe from 1mg oral but not to sure might be wrong but i know that BBB took 4mg a day and he got some mad mental sides but not sure if he got much side affects like jaundice hopefully he will enlighten us with his seemingly endless knowledge :smiley:



I would assume since the injectable MT is the same molecule as oral MT, the hepatic effects would be (roughly) the same.


ye thats what i was thinking because both are methyl molecule just thought some how injetable would be slightly less harsh guess that was just false hope :confused: i think il make a log of how methyltrienelone affects me mentally and physically just so theres more info online of this because its not something alot of people want to try probably because its like injecting rat poison seeing how toxic it is.



I'm all for people wanting to be guinea pigs. People other than me, that is.


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Well some one has to do :smiley: does any one else think I should swap the tren and test dosage


I did think of that, but it didn't seem likely. I mean, how much time does the MT spend in the liver during first pass? it's gonna be passing through it much more often when it's in the bloodstream.

If your guy in fact had legit MT it kinda settles it (in your favor). A related question do people get elevated liver enzymes from injectable winstrol?


Just use a gram of test no need to get into the tren on your first real cycle unless you like lactating and having your dick go limp during sex