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Cycle Thoughts

So a friend wants to run this cycle and i wanted to get everyone’s input.

week 1-10 – test e 500mg/week
week 1-4 — dbol 30mg/day
week 1-10 – arimidex .5mg/eod

pct 12-16 - nolva 40/40/20/20

He will be getting hcg, but is not sure exactly when to use it: 4 options really

  1. starting with cycle or maybe week 2 — 250 2x/week
  2. starting if nuts start shrinking ------ 250 2x/week
  3. run for 9 days after last test shot — 500 ed/9days
  4. not use it at all --------------------- didnt use last time on 500mg/week test e for 10 wks

which one do you guys like the most and feel works the best.
would get more dbol but its his first time and would have to buy another 100 tabs and just wants to see how this goes. Also, he is a bit confused on mixing and using hcg. If anyone could give a good description. Some ppl said to throw away water it came with and also do u inject it straight out of fridge…cold? Also sub-q is fine right… like in a fold of stomach skin.

Any advice is welcome. He has to wait a little for dbol before getting, so he wants to hear what the majority of people think.

since it will be asked.
203 lbs
training 3 years
2nd cycle
about 13% bf (estimate)

Looks basic and fine. I might use the dbol towards the end of the cycle, maybe week 8-12.

In terms of hCG, I like option #3 personally, but I know some love it for PCT. There is no real need to start it at the same time as the Test. Waiting two weeks at least may be wiser.

On hCG prep, storage, admin:

Some have argued that the ph controlled solution that the hCG comes with will degrade it too quickly for effective storage. From what I have experienced, seen, and read, this may be true. Bacteriostatic water may be a better option. There are other solutions with varying ph’s that have been argued to be better for storage. I feel that, as long as storage in temperature controlled and duration under 30 days, the hCG does fine in bac h2o.

You can administer it cold, or wait a couple minutes for it to reach room temperature. It is fine either way.

Sub-q is also fine, though research indicates that the more bf% one has, the less effective this is compared to IM.