Cycle Support

I’m 24 years old, I have been training for 4 yrs. I decided to do my first cycle 10 months ago. I did 10 weeks of test e at 500mg a week, then I lowered the dose to 250 mg a week and added in tren ace at 50mg ed for 8 weeks. Then I bridged for 2 months running my test at 250mg again. I then switched sust at 750mg and equipoise at 400mg along with tren and water winny 8 weeks on one and 8 weeks on the other.

During this 10 months I’ve gone from 260lbs to 190lbs. I stayed on cycle so long due to the fact that when I switched to sust from test e my body changed drastically.

Now I’m well aware that a 10 month cycle is ridiculous for a first time user, even if there was bridging involved, so that being said I’d would like to ask you how I should pct, do you endorse tapering off? Or just waiting the traditional 2 weeks from last shot to start nolva clomid etc,?

And I would also like to add in growth in my pct as well for healing and a sense of wellbeing. I’ve done a fair bit of research on it, but one thing I’m still in the gray area on is which ones are “better” omnitropin, hygetropin etc,

Why do you want to come completely off?

Did you run hcg the whole time?

Even though you bridged between blast you’re still shut down.

You’re probably gonna need a pretty intensive pct. I would taper off the test instead of just doing the two weeks before pct. be warned it might take quite awhile to recover and any gains might be lost.

Gh would be a good addition to a pct