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Cycle Support Supps

Are “cycle assist” and “PCT assist” type supplements necessary when running a cycle.

These supplements seem to be like the multi vitamin of a cycle, claiming to having a little bit of everything in them into aid possible sides from AAS use: liver health, BP control, Lipid control, acne…ect. ect… And for the PCT assist they are full of “natural” Test booster, ect. ect.

You all know what im talking about, im curious if any of you guys use them & if they are worth the $$.

thanks for your replies!

PCT assist is not really for AAS. It’s marketed more PHs. I don’t know much about it. I suspect it has some useful stuff but not really anything we would use for PCT. We use nolva/clomid

Cycle assist has a lot of good stuff in it (liver support, prostate support, etc). Especially if you are taking orals. There are cheaper routes to go for sure. This is also marketed for PHs but I can see running with an oral cycle.

What about Milk Thistle and Liv 52 for liver support? I run it anyway just for overall liver health but any thoughts on how it helps while running a cycle? I know orals are harsh on the liver…