Cycle Support Supplements?

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good cycle support supplement high in celery seed and hawthorn Berry? Something good for the blood pressure and cholesterol.
I make a juice and use grapefruit, celery, beets, berries, probiotics, kiwi, blueberries etc when I’m home, but need something to supplement with while I’m away at work for a week. Doing week on week off.
I have looked at few on ebay and in stores but there don’t seem to be as many as there were a year or so ago.
I just want to see if I can get a higher dosage and what else others on here might use, cheers.

Look up Dante Trudel’s instagram

I am so glad you mentioned this. I just looked his Instagram up and found the perfect rear delt exercise!!

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Yeah he just started it up, been meaning to start a thread with a bunch of his training tips and tweaks -full of GOLD