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Cycle Support: Anyone Taken It?

Has anyone here taken Cycle Support during a cycle?

I’ve read as much information as I could find about it and spoke with a friend who claims it helped him.

I ordered some today and plan on using it during cycle. And while i’m on it, any opinions on ThermoLife liver longer?

My main thing is liver support and blood pressure levels. I have a family history of high blood pressure and always have to keep tabs on mine. And I used to be damned hard on my liver in my younger days.

Some ‘bros’ swear by it. I really don’t use any natural shit.


Well I read enough good things and my friend telling me it worked well for him, so that is enough for me to give it a shot. And for $40.00 if it doesn’t work, or do what it says…not a major loss.

The only thing I used in the past was Liv52 and I could never really tell anything using it or not. But that was when I used Anadrol…Not a fan of that obviously.

Doesn’t the same guy make both supps? I seem to recall people saying they liked that one too.

Do you have any other suggestions to control blood pressure while on a cycle?

Reason why I ask, since I’ve been sick i’ve noticed my blood pressure has risen.

The first time I checked it 139 over 76.

At the Dr’s office: 150 over 80

Tonight: 152 over 90

Tonight’s was a resting heart beat too…and i’ve not been taking the D-bol so I’d have thought it would go down, but now that i’m taking prednisone for this infection maybe it’s keeping it higher?

I have a splitting headache and i’m not liking this.

Search through the steroids forum for a BP thread.

Mojo i am having the same problem my blood pressure is not good and i have headaches from d-bol. Is this cycle support only for orals. Can it help with just test and deca?

Hypertension is a dangerous thing you guys. If it’s a problem then get an ACE inhibitor or something like that from your doc.

And to the dbol headache guy, try lowering your dosage. Nowadays anything over 30mg ED gives me shitty feelings. I used to run 80mg ED until the headaches started.

But seriously, don’t fuck around with your BP. The cycle support supp might help, but IMO it’s a shitty second to whatever your doc can hook you up with.



Much appreciated folks.

By reading all of that, It looks like I need to ask for an ACE Inhibitor, specifically Ramipril(sp).

Seems safe to use during my cycle of Test & Deca from what I’ve read in that thread.

late to the party.

I have taken liv52 and liver longer before. I do get my liver function tested periodically along with a slew of other things. Here is my case. I get tested before a cycle which includes 50mg of dbol for a month. I start the cycle and the dbol. After I stop the dbol. I use liv52 and liver longer. The cycle continues for another 8 weeks with test and deca of course. After the cycle I test my liver function again and the post cycle values improved. Now was this necessarily due to liv 52 or liver longer or both in combo, who knows. Could have been a variety and combination of effects. I am probably not an ideal case study. But I do tell this story to suggest that these products probably do have some merit.

That and I think the myth that 17AA’s destroy you liver I think is largely over blown. I’ll admit 50mg of dbol for a month is not outrageously high or long. But at the same time for my liver function to be better after doing this says something too. Either the liver products really work great or there is very minimal liver damage from a dosage like mine. I have to guess most guys in here do not grossly exceed 50mg ED of dbol for more than 4 weeks.