Cycle Suggestions

Time to start looking forward to what cycle I’ll be running as I prep for 4 weeks of vacation in the sun starting in Feb 2020.

Currently running 250 mg BT Test E Per week. I have experience using; test (all esters), Deca, NPP, Tren A, Tren E, Mast, Dbol,tbol,Winstroll, adrol, dnp, clen, T3…

Currently sitting at 189lb at 14% BF. For this Cycle I’d like to use :

Shredder (50 mg tren a, 50 mg test p, 50 mg mast / mL)




I will continue my normal dose of test along side.

I’m looking for suggestions of what the cycle should look like or what you’d do with those compound if you had 12 weeks to run them.

Diet is very clean and cardio will be done everyday.

If your using these types of drugs you should know how your body responds to them individually and how to put them together for the best cycle for your needs.


1ml of floop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
4ml of Yeet every Tuesday
50mgs of toopflorpity ED


2 ius of derp every morning… but only after eating seventeen dooples

Why would you run a super heavy cycle prior to a 4 week vacation, wouldn’t you lose most of yours gains?

I’m asking because I’m traveling for like 8 wks and have figured the only way for me to maintain muscle mass is to

  • bring resistance bands
  • use day passes for gym workouts (full body)
  • BFR training
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I am on test all year around and have a prescription :wink:

I’ve not used HGH before usually I’d run these like so;

1 ml shredder EOD
Clen cycled on and off
Winstrol weeks 6-12 ramped from 50 mg up to 75 mg ED

I guess that was my point.

You have used the mix so you know you work well with it (personally that mix sounds horrible to me. The drugs tren, test, and mast are fine but not at those pre mixed doses)

So run the mix at what you normally do.

As for the arimidex no one can suggest a dose that works for you it affects us all differently (I personally don’t use AIs)

The clen has a bunch of different opinions on how it Should be used but as you said you have used it before with success I assume so run it the same. (I personally think your bodyfat is way to high to warrant clen use you just need to diet)

If that’s how you like your winny do it again.

I have no suggestions on hgh never used it.

Let me be clear, you have outlined an almost amatuers bodybuilder pre contest cycle. They use these combo of drugs around sub 7-8% bodyfat to get ready to step on stage and win absolutely nothing except maybe a trophy. Your doing it at 14% bf to get ready for vacation? This is retarded…

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He’s used dnp before, given he doesn’t compete I’d say it’s safe to assume he doesn’t give a shit sbout his health, hence his high dosages employed

It’s almost not even about the health aspect. I use a lot of AAS that aren’t the best for my health and I don’t compete so I wouldn’t want to be hypocritical. I use tren and orals at doses people would call dumb unless I were to compete but I don’t have an intrest in competing just being jacked and they are good at accomplishing my goals. I also get little to no real bad side effects from my aas usage and if I do I stop.

Its about the use of drugs for his goals. He’s using “cutting drugs” for the purpose of cutting at 14% bf that’s just stupid. Iv never heard of clen to be a fun enjoyable drug to use. Or DNP. Why use drugs thay make you feel miserable when all you have to do is clean your diet up? Or train harder?

And then for the purpose of a short vacation? Like wtf? I’ma take a shit load of clen and winny feel like crap to look good for a a vacation before gaining the weight back :man_facepalming:

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How tall are you? Giving weight without height doesn’t give a great snapshot, not that it matters. I mean if you’re 5’6” you’re probably pretty beefy. If you’re 6’0 tall than not so much. Regardless Zeek nailed it… why look to strangers if you have the experience with these compounds. If you’re just looking for attention/comradery than post a log. I personally enjoy them.

I’m a tall 5’3” … not sure where I said I haven’t competed before. I’ve done 5 shows in the past and have been bodybuilding for just short of 20 years now.

Thank you everyone for your input. I wasn’t looking for strangers advice but I am of the opinion that I don’t now everything there is to know so perhaps others had better methods or ideas that I haven’t considered… that was all.

Hey, someone every so slightly shorter than I am… That’s a first… IM TALL

YESSSSSSSSSS #slightlyunder5’5

5’3 and 189 is super, SUPER jacked though, can we get a pic perhaps?

What past cycles have you run (dosages) to get to such a massive size? You say 20 years of training, so I assume you’ve dedicated a LOOOOOOOOT of time to the sport (at you’re size you’ll look huge no matter you’re height). I’m rather broad (though not big in size or bone structure, just broad shoulders/wide back) and people tend to think I’m taller than I am due to my width (and neck size, I believe my neck currently shy of 19 inches)

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That helps give perspective. Start a log man… throw up some photos before and after (no face). We all love to see. I personally never run half the compounds listed so I am of no help but always willing to learn.