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Cycle Suggestions to Add to TRT?

I’m currently on 350/wk of Cypionate through my TRT doc (this dose has me in the low normal for free T) and I’m wrapping up a 10 week cycle of deca at 200/wk (also through TRT doc.

After cruising for a while at my 350/wk dose, what would be a good AAS to try with this dose of Cypionate? And how much? I’ve heard good things about EQ and Anavar.

What are your goals? What are your stats? How old are you? How long on trt? How’s your diet? How much have you improved during your trt vs before?

Need lots more information before anyone can give you any decent advice.

Sorry should have included that info to begin with.

I’m 37 yo, 6’5 220 and about 15% BF so primary goal is to add quality mass and get below 10% BF. Focusing on legs a lot recently but limited due to a torn meniscus. My diet is pretty clean, a lot of beef, chicken, seafood, been cutting out the carbs recently and adding in Steady state cardio and dropped a few lbs. I’m not scared of carbs, and typically cycle them on/off on a weekly or monthly basis. I stay away from gluten and eat oats, rice, fruit, and sweet potato, and try to add in after workouts to replenish glycogen.

Results since I started TRT have been dramatic, I was 230 with 25% BF, free T in the single digits. I’ve gained almost 20 lbs of muscle and lost 20 lbs of fat in 1 year!