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Cycle Suggestion


Im trying to figure out my next cycle. Hair loss is always my main worry. My last cycle was test E with proscar. i didnt have any hairloss but i think the test may have been bunk.Im thinking about trying test cyp next. i want to use decca aswell but i know i cant use proscar with decca.

Any opinions on how harsh hairloss may be whie on cyp and decca if i choose not to use proscar and im prone to MPB?

My other question is if i cycle test cyp alone with proscar, libido and size gains shouldnt be affected too much by proscar should it?


well to be honest with you it really doesn't matter what test you use they are all pretty tough on hair, not to mention if you are already prone then it will definitely happen at an accelerated pace. Deca isn't as bad but your right you shouldn't use proscar when your on it. I beleive the safest for hair are deca, anavar, eq, and primobolan.


This is just a thought, but what about using a smaller dose of test stacked with a good oral like drol? Just a thought....


I think I remember reading that primo was actually the worst re. hair loss. Not totally sure but it's worth double checking that one.


I am pretty sure that I read it is less harsh on hair because it is one of the less androgenic steroids as it is much more anabolic. and drol is absolutely horrible for hair loss, one of the worst.


go with something more mild like eq or anavar. much less androgenic.




Admittedly, there is not consensus on the matter. Some sources will say it's not so bad for hair loss. I have always heard that it is terrible though.

My opinion is that if steroids are making you go bald then you are going to go bald anyway, so don't worry about it. I've used high doses and low doses and never had a problem, but I don't think I am at all predisposed to baldness.


i think im leaning towards a test cyp and Equipoise cycle.

Anyone know about hair loss on Equipoise or proscar interactions?