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Cycle & Stealth?

Can anyone tell me. What would be a good test to take with masteron. How how long should a good beginer cycle last? A good example of dosage and pct?Can anyone tell me if stealth is a legit prod? Please and Thank you.

Can anyone tell me how to not use a search funtion?
How to make my first any only post ask everyone else to do all my work for me?
And lastly, to obviously not read anything else within the section that I’m posting in to possibly educate myself more on the topic.
See ya

Hey i’ve done plenty of research. I’m asking for a second opion ass clown

[quote]Tall Mex wrote:
Hey i’ve done plenty of research. I’m asking for a second opion ass clown [/quote]

Since you’re new here I’ll offer some advice. Calling people ass clowns is not a good way to get them to help you. Do some research and show some respect, then you will get all the help you need.

I always use masteron with prop. It works great.

As for stealth - some folks love it - some folks hate it. I know if I bought any stealth gear, I would re-filter it into a vial

If u don’t want to offer any help just don’t reply to the topic.
Every single time a beginner asks a question it’s the same arrogant bullshit that comes out of ur mouths (or keyboards): You havn’t done ur research, stop seeking knowledge if u don’t have any to begin with…

Ok ur a “vet” and ur all-knowing and u should really pull ur skirts up… We all started somewhere and this kinda knowledge isn’t that hard to gain anyway.

Masteron is very synergetic with test in general but keep ur cycle in similar esters. Hence Masteron and Test Prop. Both EOD. Ur a beginner so keep ur doses low, especially mast because u really don’t need much of it to harden u up (250~300mg/wk), also do test in higher doses than Mast.

PCT: Nolvadex should do it, because Masteron successfully acts as an anti-e as long as ur test is half a gram or less (opinion). If u want to be on the safe side however, go with Arimidex 0.5mg ED. 10~12 week cycle is ideal for u although this depends on the dosages.

Thank You. People like you is what I thought this site was about. Not to be ripped on by others. I was about to completely give up on this site. I salute You.