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Cycle Starting Advice Wanted

Running a 8 week cycle of tren with 6 weeks of hdrol the ph is called tren black it’s 90mg tren/5mg ppflex

Tren- 90/90/90/90/90/90/90/90
hdrol- 50/75/75/75/75/75
ppfelx its 10mg b/c its in the ph

cycle supports/assists
Milk thistle
DHEA for lethargy i believe that’s how you spell it
200mg p5p a day, 200mg b6,.5 arimidex eod since tren can cause prolactin i wanna be on the safe side, although i have read that (19 norandrostenedione) does not artomorize or however you spell it so there’s no reason to use adex but there’s still that small amount of pplex in it, so should i take it? and if i already have prolactin induced gyno but got rid of it almost all of it but i don’t want it to flare up during cycle or get worse.

Now help me out on this, i have perscribed nolva from a doc 10mg tabs for 30 days but ive herd this can cause gyno to get worse so is clomid a better option. or clomid+nolva? also after i run that i plan on using letro.

Please don’t bash on me if i forgot anything but this is why i’m posting to be sure i didn’t miss anything… thanks for the help in advance.

Can I ask your goals?

Who said gyno is worsened by nolva??

I think you need to do some more reading and educate yourself.


I agree with BMC85 there are plenty of sticky s on this forums and many more or just google man but you do need a lot more education before you even began a cycle period bro

I stopped reading the first time and didnt even see the part about nolva+clomid then letro. Man, you have a lot of reading ahead of you. If you choose to not educate yourself and go with your proposed “cycle” then I have a feeling we’ll be seeing your name in a new thread soon after.