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Cycle Stack Advice

Hey bros

first post on T-Nation been reading articles on here since I was 16, now 23 so I figured I would stop lurking and try and contribute/get some quality help

My goals on this cycle is to improve my strength and gain some mass (20lbs ideally) My diet is excellent just looking to fine tune my upcomming cycle

I will be doing 10 week cycle (Will more then likely extend this to 12 weeks.)
Test E @ 500mg/w all the way through (Mon&Thurs)

not sure if im better off frontload the E, and Dbol for the first 4 weeks @ 25mg ED
Test P for the first 4 weeks and possibily last 2 to keep the T level a bit more stable before starting PCT.

Also have a bottle of CEM halodrol sitting around that expires end of this year that I would like to throw in but not wanting to smash my liver (running dbol first 4 weeks then Hdrol the last 3?)

Waiting on my AI to come, for pct I have Clomid, tamox and torem on hand along with t3, keto and dutast(incase i thin)
Still deciding on PCT if I should go with torem since I have read alot of reviews or stick with the proven clomid/tamox?

Short Points:

-Members exp. with Torem for PCT?
-Frontload test e or use test prop for the first 3-4 weeks?
-Add Dbol in? (have not used Dbol in a cycle before)
-Dbol for the start and finish with the H-Drol or do you think this might stress my liver too much?

Test E 1-10 @ 500mg
Test prop 1-4
Halodrol 7-10


Test e 1-3 @ 750mg
Dbol 25mg ED 1-4
Halodrol 7-10

All this after 7 years of reading? You need to read more about AAS.

There are tons of articles on here that answer the majority of your questions. Read more, choose what and how you are going to run it, and people on here will make the necessary changes for you. It’s kind of a redundant thing to make cycles for every first timer. There’s only so much gear and so many ways to run it, that you should just go choose something and post it.

Thanks, yeah reading the training articles for 7 years.
regarding gear only 3 years, 2 Cycles, Test E @ 500mg for 10 weeks (kept 15lbs after pct), Test Cyp/Eq @ 600/400 for 12 and Winstrol for the last 4 weeks(loved EQ!! HATE winny and how it fucks my knees)

Basically wanted opinions on toremfine as a stand alone PCT?

Running two orals, one for the first 4, one for the last 3 be too stressful on the liver?

Thoughts on t3 while “on”?

Im stuck on which road to go with this stack as it would be my first time with orals, and Dbol.

Two cycles I would like advice on are as follows (Ill be more specific for you pitbull)

Test E @ 500mg 1-10
Test Prop 100mg ED 1-3
Dbol 25mg (with armidex @ .5mg ED) 1-3 (or 1-4)
Halodrol 75mg ED 7-10

is this overkill?


Test E @ 500mg 1-10 (front loading 1200mg first 2 weeks split into e3d)
Test Prop (Probly 75mg ED) 6-10
Halodrol 75mg ed 7-10

Like i said I would like to include this bottle of halodrol into the cycle before it expires closest thing to Turnibol i can get my hands on Anavar also

You need adex to control E2, and you need Nolvadex or clomid for PCT (I always preferred clomid)

Fuck knows what Halodrol is and I don’t use Dbol apart from 20mg pre workout occasionally so cannot advise.

I would front load the test E at 1000mg a week for weeks 1-4, the use test prop for weeks 8-10, then start a 30 day PCT with 40mg Nolvadex or 100-150mg clomid a day for the first 10 days, doing 20/50mg a day for the remaining 20 days.

I would keep the first cycle to 10 weeks-less time on-easier to recover.

Good luck

Halodrol is a PH that basically converts into Turnibol, Thanks thats what I was thinking might be better to run the prop near the end to keep my blood levels higher until PCT begins

thanks! I will keep a log once I start, Just finishing my final weeks of my cut