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Cycle Review


1-12 350mg Test E EW (twice week injections)
1-2 40mg Tbol ED
2-6 50mg Winstrol ED
6-12 12mg Aromasin E3D
13 Test E 175mg
14 Test E 100mg
15 Test E 50mg
13-16 HCG 800IU E4D
13-16 Proviron 25mg ED
15-18 Aromasin 25mg E3D - tapering dose
16-19 Nolva 25mg ED
20 Nolva 12mg ED

What do you think of this cycle? I know the test dose is pretty low, but I'm sure I will be happy with the results. PCT-wise, I'm not sure where else it could be improved.

Maybe if you had a clomid preference. Another thing I could do is shorten the cycle and raise the doses, but I think that would just create more side effects with no big mass improvement.

One more question, from 2-6 and from 13-16 I am using winny & proviron as anti-estrogens, with no AI or SERM. Am I leaving myself open to gyno during these times?


Judging by your low doses you must not have much experieince with AAS. Thats fine and you will still get good results. At the previously mentioned dosages you will not be needing an AI as gyno should not be a problem. I usually wait until my test gets well over 500mg/week before I throw in an AI. I also would run the tbol first and then finish with the winni.

I am a little confused by your PCT. You have a 3 week taper but it is not set anything like P-22 intended. There is no stasis before the test tapers off. Therefore it is useless in terms of PCT. However you do have nolv and aromasin at the end to signify a classic PCT. Pick one or the other and do it right.

As far as HCG use, it is my understanding that it is to be used during cycle in small amounts (250iu) to maintain the function and size of your testicles. Use at the end during PCT would hinder your bodies ability to fully recover. This however is a debate that is still ongoing so don't take my word as law.


Scratch the Tbol. You're not using anywhere near enough of it to make it worthwhile.

Also as 2thepain has pointed out, your cycle drops from 350mg to 50mg in hardly any time at all. That's not so much a taper as it is a not-so-drastic drop.

I also don't understand what you're trying to achieve with a 3 week period of HCG spaced out in 4 day intervals for PCT. You could just take 250iu EOD during the duration of the cycle or during the last few weeks of it (with a bit larger initial dose). Be sure to stop taking it 1 week after having started the SERM. I believe KSman once suggested something similar.


I think I'm going to scratch the taper too then. P22 protocol says 6 weeks at 100mg. It's close to my original dose. Hopefully with the low doses and classic PCT I should be fine.

Here is what I have now:

1-12 400mg Test E EW (twice week injections)
1-4 50mg Winstrol ED
10-14 50mg Winstrol ED
14-16 25mg Proviron ED
14-16 40mg Tbol ED
16-18 HCG 250IU ED (750 initial dose)
16-20 Nolva 20mg ED
16-19 Aromasin 20mg EOD

PCT employs an "active recovery" pre-pct with Tbol & Proviron because they do not cause complete shutdown. Not sure if the body will begin production again, but many claim it will.

The rest is taken from the AR article on PCT which talks about Nolva & Asin synergism. I would use as much HCG as he says (500IU ed) but I don't have enough.



I like a lot of the changes.

If you have enough of it, don't shy away from using some of that Nolvadex during the weeks you go without AIs if you suspect gyno.


Hcg should be weeks 14-16, weeks 17+ are recovery weeks and your hcg should be used as a pre-recovery while your exogenous testosterone (aas) levels are waning, which is while you are employing the Winstrol and Tbol, to bring you into straight recovery (which I like)

I'd extend the Proviron through week 18 or more, sure it might or might not effect recovery, but IF it did, it would to a very small degree which 1-2 weeks of nolvadex could take care of.

I don't like the aromasin post cycle, especially since you are not running during your cycle. I like running AI's during a cycle and then 2-3 weeks past. But I do not understand why you have no concern during your cycle, but do post cycle when aromatization, while not wanted in large amounts, does keep the ol' ticker working nicely, running an AI while little conversion is happening anyway due to potentially low test levels would run the risk of vascular damage and a major kick to your lipids and triglyceride levels especially with Nolvadex, kind of a double whammy for your health - any raise in healthy lipids should be countered by the aromasin (don't tell me it's better than others, because that is irrelevant here) stopping conversion within cardiac and vascular tissue and the nolvadex raising your triglyerides, ouch. I know Anthony Roberts means well, and his PCT is sound, just not in this context.


I personally think your making things way more complicated and lilkey more expensive than necessary.

Drop the hcg out completely. I was gonan list everything else id omit, but its eaiser to say everything but the test followed by nolva or taper.
Adding in the winni isnt such a bad idea.. but with that id also extend the test to week 14 as well.