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Cycle Review


wk 1-12 200mg sustanon eod
wk1-4 dbol 30 mg day (10mg 3xd)
wk 1-12 nolavdex 20mg day (if needed)
50 2xd /25/25

how does this look? my question is with sus i know it stays in you system for about 3 weeks when your done. and if you take the pct after you last injection your system is still suppressed. so do i start my pct 3weeks after my last shot?


It looks pretty decent. Is this your first cycle? Averages out to about 700mg/wk which is a decent dose, and if it is your first, you should get some good results out of it, ceterus paribus.

Personally, I would go for a single ester, but that's just me. I just dont like mixed esters. Instead of that nolva during the cycle, you might want to run a low dose AI, such as adex, throughout (or don't if you're not worried about salt/H20 retention and gyno flares, and just start it up if you need it). I would save your nolva for PCT instead and scrap the clomid (or use both if you are really that worried, but your clomid dose looks a bit low).

As far as timing for PCT, since Sust is a mixed ester, and it does have some shorter esters in it, your blood levels will drop off a bit quicker than if you were to use a single long ester, and you should be safe to start your PCT 1.5-2 weeks after your last shot.

A typical nolva protocol will be 4 weeks with the daily dosages for the weeks looking like this: 40/40/20/20.

Clomid would be 100/100/50/50 (again though, the nolva should be more than enough).

If you want, would love to hear your stats/lifts prior to cycle. Always fun to read logs/progress.


yes this will be my first cycle. orginally i was look at using test enth. but being my first cycle i wanted to maxamize my gain so i decided to go with the mixed ester. i was a little unsure about my pct dosage thats why i wanted to get it reviewed. Im not to worried about taking the AI because i will be retaining water with the dbol as well. or will the adex "stop" that as well?

I definetly to have a problem with starting a log. ive found its fun to go back and see where i started to where i am now.

6'1 226lbs 13.5%BF
bench 275lb x 4
squat 315lbs x3
deadlift 405lbs x2

its been a while since ive maxed out. I will def try to max out before hand

thanks for advice.


Dbol aromatizes into E as well, so yes, be worried, and use an AI, not a serm. An AI will stop the aromatization to a certain degree depending on dose, and with dbol, it is indicated. Be safe and use it.

Who put the idea into your head that you will get more gains off using a mixed ester rather than just enth?


Since you are kickstarting your cycle with Dianabol, I recommend you take a single ester of testosterone such as test enanthate. My first cycle was 500mg/wk Test E with 30 mg/day Dbol and I made very impressive gains. Make sure to use an AI, I prefer letrozole just make sure you ease into it.


Very good advice. You could even leave the DBoloff this first cycle and use it the next one to kickstart.


test e 750mg week 1-2
test e 500mg week 3-10
test prop 150mg eod week 1-4
and 150mg eod aftr last shot of test e fr 3week

wat im wondering is i hav some dbol left over aftr last cycle could i stalk it with tis cycl
or wud der be any point with test prop been a fast acting steroid? any info wud be great


run the sust for 10 weeks instead of 12 because of the half life.


Start your own thread.


And type like an adult with a high school education


huh? explain this if you dont mind.


let me clarify, last shot taken in the 10th week. 2 week clearance time, pct begun in the 13th week.


That's pretty counterproductive. That's just ending a cycle two weeks early for no reason. Why wouldn't he just run it 1-12 and start PCT on 15, by your logic.


why is it counterproductive? the longer your on. the harder it is to recovery.


true, but 12 weeks on isnt really tooooo long, 16-20 is a different story


Then where does it stop? Why don't we just tell him to run it for 3 weeks because it's easier to recover from.

I'm guessing he's a younger guy. 12 weeks isn't hard to recover from if you are younger/haven't been using as long. Actually, 12 weeks is piss easy to recover from.

Stick to your area of expertise, whatever it is.


sorry about the delay. Ive a death in the family and other issues on top of that. been one hell of a summer. anyway i decided to scrap the sus and went with test e about 600mg a week. everything else i plan on keeping the same. I really appreciate all the feedback ive gotten. to answer a few questions from above yes im younger (26) and this is my first cycle.